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Our Genealogy blurb, December 2006

Language skill box with Babel templates:
This user is a native speaker of English.
Cette personne peut contribuer avec un niveau moyen de français.
Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
Kua taea e tēnei tangata te taumata waiwaite reo Māori.

I'm on several Wikipedias - try
- and was one of the top 20 volunteer contributors to Zeal, where my first interest was genealogy.
I do things to promote my own city of residence: Porirua, New Zealand.
Robin Patterson 18:59, 13 Apr 2005 (EDT)




What happened to model pages?[]

{{help redirect|name=Wikia Help:Model pages}}

NO! Sorry, you're too late. That one was deleted in mid-2008 as an "Unused admin page". See historical version if interested, but it's mostly superseded; see below.

The idea of model pages was the basis of the now long-established Wikia starter pages (English version at w:c:starter), which consists of over 100 pages (in addition to MediaWiki) that are given to every new wiki as a starter package and can be copied to older Wikia. It is now developing in a dozen languages. You can help with one or two of them!

You're welcome to write about [[cities:xxx|]], on the Towns, Villages, and Cities Wikia.

~~~~ in [[New Zealand]]

Legal and CSS[]

Dear Robin,

{so what follows is a copy of the talk-back i wrote on my own page -- i remember reading in the how-to, to leave msg's on users' pages, but it also seemed to make sense to leave the reply in context, where people had written to me, no? :-) Anyhow, so sorry if it sounds like i'm talking to two people -- i was ;-)}

OK, SO HEY GUYS! WOW! SO, yes, I am a newbie, and i have bitten the bullet, and I am starting off on this adventure on my own (as opposed to beginning to write for other wikis, which is undoubltedly a good idea yet... well, i'll continue the more relevant news below). Since November, there's been some progression! First, let me say that I only read your answers now - I am too excited to be ashamed, as I think my head is working better today than it did when I was first fishing around for info. I see that 'Help: Tutorial' is just the beginning of the iceberg ;-) when it comes to info on using wikia ;-)...

So, the news: 1) Wikia empowered me to take on legal.wikia ( Its mandate is not limited to McGill law. The catchall phrase is "transsystemic legal education", which will mean that special TLC will be needed for the site's design, if it's to make any sense :-) 2) I know exactly where I want to go with this 3) I have received very positive feedback from other students whom I approached around the Faculty (and others beyond it too, since the project aims to take legal ed beyond the tower) 4) I now understand that to realise my vision, I need templates. That's the good news. The bad news is where I'm flailing like a newborn dolphin out-of-water, and the main reason I've been delaying entry of this wiki online, and not inviting other contributors: 5) I have no idea how to program style sheets or templates. 6) I want the site to begin with a certain inherent organization, otherwise 1) it will get very messy, and 2) users won't understand how it is original, practical or unique; and this will deter them from contributing and helping it to grow.

I plan to upload the 'architecture'/org. plan of how the site will be structured tomorrow. I've done some chatting with GreenReaper on IRC (baby steps, baby steps... I'm so happy to be making contact with real people to help! THANK YOUs.). He recommended just getting started w/ content. However, he said he did not know about legal wikias and what might be specific to them. I'M REALLY LOOKING FOR A CSS-KNOWLEDGEABLE COLLABORATOR AT THIS POINT. It will make it so much better from the start. Any leads? :-) Thank you, Peace and Goodnight. Sylvs --SylvstaB. 03:32, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

Something wrong with the green familiar-style popup invitation to check out the new message wall.

"Wikia has a new feature in Labs: Message Wall! Learn more... and stop by to say hi!"

I clicked the link and got taken to a page that was part of, according to its address bar, but the popup is still in place. Click it again and it's still there. Not the most helpful-looking page, either. And no indication of where I could say hi as invited. So I clicked on my name at top right and found myself on my community.wikia user page. I wonder if the popup will be still there when I publish this. -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 00:08, February 3, 2012 (UTC)