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Hi! I'm Lucas Melo, a Fandom staff member working as a Community Manager for Gaming communities.

I first discovered Fandom as a wiki user in 2007 and have contributed to various TV show and video game communities since then. I was also part of the former Wiki Representative team before becoming a Community Manager.

As a CM, I'm assigned to number of gaming wikis to provide assistance and also serve as a point of contact between them and Fandom, so you may see me sharing recent announcements wikis should be aware of, or asking for your point of view on our features and future updates.

If you have a question to ask or need anything, please feel free to reach out!
Contact Info
Wiki History
Contact Information

  • Wikis: You can use my message wall / talk page to me send a message at any wiki. In general you can check if I'm assigned to a wiki by visiting the Special:Community page (for former Gamepedia wikis, you may find this in community portals / noticeboards). Other than that, you can also use my message wall from Fandom's Community Central.

  • Discord: My user tag is reveriecode. You can contact me via Discord DMs, or by pinging me if I'm on your wiki's server. For DMs, I usually prefer if we share at least a server in common (such as Fandom's Discord server) before accepting message requests. Alternatively, you can also let me know here on Fandom that you're going to reach out via Discord.
Brief Wiki Editing History

The first wiki I joined was the ES Grand Theft Encyclopedia, which is where I learned the ropes and became aware of the vast amount of things that one could do here. Afterwards, I set out to explore other communities in the Spanish side of Fandom (then Wikia), beginning with the Metal Gear Wiki. I later created the ES Breaking Bad Wiki and adopted the ES Doctor Who Wiki, among many others, but these last two are the places where I've made most of my contributions.

Some of my work with the Spanish versions of certain wikis led to joining English wikis later on, such as the Person of Interest Wiki, which I joined as an admin; and Arrowverse Wiki, where I made occasional edits, for the most part just sticking around the IRC chat at the time.

Although I now edit less — since this became my job, in my free time I don't always want to be on the computer! — I still participate in some wikis every now and then, such as Critical Role Wiki, and I generally like to follow any communities related with Hideo Kojima's projects.