• I live in The Floor
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is Cooling Down
  • I am Bleh


Note To Reader Edit

Hello Reader Please do not edit my page it is not yours to edit. If you do I will undo your edit and tell a admin.

About Me Edit

Hello I am RedLavaCat I am a 14 year old. I love to do art as well the tablet I have is Huion Kamvas GT-191. I am Also a Brazilian. And I really like to make OCs. And I sometimes play osu. And also animate sometimes but not as much as I do art. Oh and my time zone is MST. I am also a fan of the anime series Fairytail. You can also call me RLC instead of redlavacat.


Message Wall Rules Edit

Before you go to my message wall here are some rules.

1 Dont Spam my wall

2 Dont leave off topic messages

3 Dont Necropost

4 Dont Make Large Quotes

Wikis i Edit To, Some I Edit To Some I Dont Edit

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Miiverse Wiki: Admin


Club Penguin Pookie Wiki: Former Chat Moderator (fired from causing drama)

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Club Penguin Wiki

The Incredible Gnmboris Wiki: Bcrat

Zelda Wiki

コミュニティセントラル ウィキ

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