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My name is Jose and I devoted my freetime into editing Wikia articles.

BLOCKING APPEALS[edit | edit source]

If you were blocked by me in any Wiki of where I am a Sysop, my message wall is the place to submit an appeal. Here are important things you need to know prior to creating a thread:

  1. If you were blocked by another admin, then you need to message them. If they rejected your appeal, then there is nothing I can do about it.
  2. Very severe or Illegal offenses such as Sockpuppetry, Doxxing, Pornography, Scamming, Use of Racial slur, and Extreme Vandalism are not eligible for an appeal. If you have been blocked for any of the violations mentioned, you will be not be put into consideration. If you were blocked for being underage (Under 13 in the US), you will also not be eligible for an appeal.
  3. If I'm an administrator, then I will have to notify a Bureaucrat about your appeal and wait for their response. Bureaucrats basically run the Wiki. If they do not want me to unblock you, then I cannot move ahead with your appeal as my hands are tied.
  4. Your block appeal will be evaluated based on your block log and the severity of the rule. This means I will check to see if you were previously blocked and why you were blocked. Your violation will also be used to determine your appeal.
  5. If I accept your appeal, then you agree you won't violate policy in the future. If you land yourself blocked again, you'll be ineligible for a block appeal as it is only given once.
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