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September comes to a close with This Month at Fandom, including cool data trends, Editors of the Month, and a summary of important updates you may have missed.


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Hello! I'm RavenTheNightWing13![]

I love books and can NEVER live without them. I started reading Enid Blyton at 5, Harry Potter at 6, and now I'm addicted to books. I'm a Wings of Fire fan (Obviously) and I've been reading WoF for three years (Or more, I don’t really know and can’t remember) I also read Harry Potter and Warrior Cats! My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or Wings of Fire: The Hive Queen. Fun fact about me: I'm ACTUALLY a bigger Wizarding World fan than a Wings of Fire fan. My favourite number is 13! My main WoF OC is Firebird, a NightWing/SkyWing hybrid. My favourite Warrior Cats OC is Ravenclaw, a black cat. I practically LIVE for sarcasm.

Wings of Fire[]

- I like Peril's power but not her personality

- I hate Sundew

- I ship Sunlow, but hate Sundew

- I like Cricket

- I like Lynx

- I think all IceWings are snobs (Except Lynx and Mink)

- I hate Snowfall

- I like Kinkajou

- I prefer Queen Ruby as the SkyWing Queen

- I like Moonwatcher

- I like Fatespeaker

The Wizarding World[]

- I'm (proudly) a Ravenclaw

- I WOULD play Quidditch, (as a chaser)

- My patronus and animagi is a black cat with green eyes

- I would join the DA (Dumbledore's Army)

- I think Harry Potter is actually not that powerful, just lucky (-Sorry, Harry fans)

- Amortenia (A powerful love potion) smells like old books, rain, and vanilla to me

- My favorite common room belongs to Ravenclaw (Surprise, surprise)

- I'm a Luna Lovegood fan :)