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My email is

I am currently a gardener of:

An ex-gardener of:

An illustrator for:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (never saw the show, but was drawing vector icons quite often)
  • Dragon Ball Wiki (made a logo in 2007 and some other pictures)
  • Narutopedia (made a set of village logos, they were replaced later)
  • One Piece Encyclopedia (made a logo, lost in a contest)
  • Theoretically I am considered an illustrator for the whole anime-manga wikia alliance, but the mascots were wonderfully drawn by Kasuga himself, and I cannot seem to remember myself drawing anything for any wiki outside these four. Please feel free to do requests, most of the time I’m pretty open to do what’s within my skills.

A web admin of:

Something like that. Besides this, there is Wikipedia (Commons, Wiktionary, four language segments), three private wikis, plus work-related wikis, websites, projects, etc, but I like to keep them separated from this hobby-related list.

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