As I am trying to expand my drawing/coding horizons a bit, I figured a good way to start is to open up potential requests for users here. :) I can draw anything humanoid and cats. Ponies are a maybe, depending on the complexity of the request. These do not cost anything, but will take time.

If you make a request here, I do ask that you do one thing: comment something about a user that has made a significant positive impact on you.

As always, keep it FANDOM appropriate.

What I Can DoEdit

  • Profile templates
  • Sketches (humanoid/cats)
  • Digital logos
  • My Little Pony vectors (limited)

Requests SectionEdit

Comment here

Pending Requests (Stage 1)Edit

Megurine Luka. As for someone who's made a positive impact on me here...hmmm....
I'd say Kocka. They've helped me a lot with CSS/JS and being here on CC in general!
EarthlingnAkumi@the perfect person doesn't exis-*sees crusher-p* (talk) 01:58, July 21, 2018 (UTC)
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