aka Sinesta

  • I live in Alaska
  • I was born on August 27
  • I am female

I ain't active here, fam. My Discord is private. I no longer edit my Wikis: please have somebody delete the Sinesta & PyroNacht Wikis. ^^ Be nice to each-other. Remember that there are humans behind the screen (usually), so think carefully before you act. If there is an urgent matter, some people here have links to my social media. Or you can look. Otherwise, take care y'all. Stay classy nerds.

PyroNacht.image PyroNacht/Sinesta
Gamer • Writer • Artist • Streamer
Hi everybody! My name is PyroNacht, although you all probably know me as Sinesta. I am an adult living life in the state of Alaska, USA- my heart rests in the mountains and in particularly cold climates. I joined FANDOM in May 2012.

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