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Something I want to show you:

Ponyo Fan Welcome, everyone in the chat, to a public reading of Travis' diary.

Travis' Diary

1st Secret: I have a crush on Isabella.

2nd Secret: I'm terrified of bloody things.

3rd Secret: I haven't hit puberty yet. Mwahahaha! I can use this...

4th Secret: I'm awfully sensitive.

5th Secret: I'm totally weak.

6th Secret: My weakness is platypuses.

7th Secret: I still haven't hit puberty. Maybe this has something to do with...nah!

8th Secret: I'm terrified of my friend, Hien's pencil.

9th Secret: I'm allergic to cats.

10th Secret: I'm terrible at P.E.

11th Secret: I'm terrible with slang.

12th Secret: If anyone reads this diary, I'll be forced to do what they say so they don't tell anyone my secrets!

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