aka A celery stalker ):)

  • I live in The Weeb Realm
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is Artist, artist, artist, artist (fine), fiction writer, weirdo, Natsu lover, grammar nerd, platypus in a human costume, Christian, geek, weeb, weeb, weeb, weeb, weeb, and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb
  • I am obsessed with Natsu :)
  • Bio Hello I like Natsu and shading is fun and platypuses shall rule the world and umm yes.
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I like platypuses, I like anime, I like drawing, and I like grammar and literary devices. There's really not much more to me other than a hopelessly prominent affinity for puns.

My Favourite Wikis Edit

The Animal Jam Art Wiki is a wiki full of art, AKA "Masterpieces", created in the paint program in the game Animal Jam. There are some really neat pieces and artists on here - all organised as pages full of single artists' art, and it's what inspired me to pursue drawing in the first place. Who knew that I'd become a Custodian, too? I also have an Artist page.

While more informal, I love the community and some of the stories that people write. While there is a vast multitude of deplorable creepypastas and trollfics, there are plenty of hidden gems - and polished gems up on display.

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