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This page is not for reporting issues - please report via Special:Contact, then add to this page. This page is an unofficial page to keep track of issues and Staff responses regarding the new Unified Community Platform on Fandom.

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The Unified Community Platform (UCP) is a new technology platform using an upgraded instance of MediaWiki, the software powering all wikis. For more information, see Help:Unified Community Platform and this support article.

Bugs Edit

List of specific issues, errors or faults with the new platform.

Users Edit

  • User Activity tab on Community Central shows something like cumulative total edits (global plus local to that wiki?) of user for each UCP wiki row.[1]
  • Signatures are truncated to 256 characters
    • This is likely due to $wgMaxSigChars being left at the default value.
  • When an account is globally blocked, the message on their contribs page is missing.
  • The user masthead is lazy loaded and causes jumping.
  • Changing the user masthead on UCP wikis won't refresh the cache on non-UCP wikis.
  • User pages aren't auto-created when you join a UCP wiki.
  • Some disabled accounts are incorrectly marked as non-existent on UCP. (zd#940019)
  • User mastheads often don't appear, see here.
  • When editing your profile masthead there is no "discard unsaved changes" button.
  • The post count in the masthead sends you to your Special:Contributions page instead of to your Special:UserProfileActivity page.
  • For at least one user (w:Thread:1880256), their avatar keeps wanting to change to an older one. This bug stretches across all Fandom wikis, including pre-UCP ones (does not seem to happen if avatar was set before UCP existed).
  • If a user is promoted to bureaucrat, it will always to show the "Bureaucrat" tag on the user's profile, even if they step down later.
  • If a message is left on your wall on a UCP wiki, it won't notify you of it on legacy wikis.[citation needed]
  • The user masthead doesn't show the "My Favorite Wikis" list.
Fixed issues
  • Fixed Staff reply User preferences are incorrectly changing when changed on a UCP wiki[2]
    • Staff reply The preferred editor preference was successfully transitioned to handle the two modes of the 2017 Editor, rather than the discrete editor options of the legacy platform[3]
    • Staff reply Creating a UCP wiki (and other UCP actions) should no longer reset user preferences[4]
  • The UCP user profile edit count is now really fixed (not sure what was fixed in previous update).[4]
  • Fixed Staff reply User edit count doesn't sync with either local or global edits.[5]
    • Staff reply The bug causing local edit count and global edit count to get confused on UCP profiles is now fixed.[6]
  • Fixed Disabled account message does not appear in contribs page of disabled account (MediaWiki:Edit-account-closed-flag)
  • Fixed Special:UserRenameTool does not rename account on UCP wikis. You can use Special:UserRenameTool on individual UCP wikis, but it does not affect it, despite giving a success message.[citation needed]
  • The "Free form" bio is not so free form: All newlines are collapsed into a single line. w:File:2020-03-12_12-2525_grim.png
    • Staff reply By free form, I meant not constrained by a specific field question, not put it in literally whatever format you want. That's what your About page is for.[7]

Editors Edit

  • Staff reply Adding a video to an article from the editor is not implemented.[8]
  • Categories are not shown in Visual editor unless you go to Categories UI from menu.
  • Editing a section generated within a transclusion produces unexpected results. VE doesn't even properly support edit section yet. (ticket #932006)
  • Visiting a red link or non-existing page in a UCP site defaults with an "EDIT" button instead of "CREATE", which is pre-UCP behavior. (ticket #932146)
  • The gallery builder search feature for images on UCP migrated wikis return old images since over a year back or irrelevant results. [9]

Visual Editor

  • Editing an article causes all data to disappear. The only accessible way to recover it is to use the source editor on the dropdown of the 'edit' button.
  • Interface color scheme doesn't adjust well for wiki color scheme. This can render portions of the UI nearly invisible to users.
    • Example: When editing a table in visual mode, two chevrons appear. One indicates the row and the other the column. To insert a new row/column, users must click the appropriate chevron (> or V). However, for wikis with light color themes, these arrows (above selected cell and to the left) are nearly invisible. This can trick users into thinking there is no way to insert new rows/columns. (w:Thread:1856782)
    • Users have reported problems in both dark and light themes. (w:Thread:1856782#22)

Source Editor

  • Source editor has issues where the text caret is displayed in the wrong position from the true caret, when there are over 1000 lines. w:Thread:1877174.
Fixed issues
  • Fixed The source code editor is not sized correctly when editing in the User: namespace w:File:UCP Source Mode vs Wiki Source Mode.jpg
  • Categories and images do not auto fill anymore in source code editor.
  • Fixed Source editor has to be continually selected
    • Staff reply We're working on getting the preference fixed to work with the change from discrete editor options to mode selection.[10]
    • Staff reply The preferred editor preference was successfully transitioned to handle the two modes of the 2017 Editor, rather than the discrete editor options of the legacy platform[3]
  • Fixed Categories don't appear for Source Editor in preview.
  • Show changes is difficult to discover and takes extra steps, because you need to click the "Save Changes..." button first.
  • Fixed A help notice for links is never permanently dismissed in the Source Editor nor the Visual Editor.
    • This appears to be fixed 2020/4/28

Templates Edit

  • The UCP VisualEditor doesn't support the preloadparams [X] url parameter. (w:Thread:1828522#26)
  • There seems to be an issue where the same infobox gets listed multiple times as an option in the editor's visual mode. It is not yet clear what triggers this. (w:Thread:1839523)
  • Template parameters inside infobox panels are not available in the graphical interface when adding the infobox to a page. (w:Thread:1840944)
    • Staff reply Fortunately, I can confirm this is already on our list to review and fix, though I don't have an ETA for when the team can get to it.[11]
  • If typed template as subpage (example: /something), it will use template /something instead Pagename/something
Fixed issues
  • Fixed Global template transclusion (e.g. from Community Central) is not working.
    • Staff reply Release today fixed interwiki transclusion[12] - May 12, 2020

Files, images, and videos Edit

  • Staff reply The full range of copyright scenarios for image uploads does not display, making "This is my own work" the only option.[8]
    • This may be inaccurate as the UCP Special:Upload Licensing menu doesn't contain a choice "This is my own work" and many choices show up which are very close to the pre-UCP list, but none have the associated templates are created (unlike pre-UCP wikis). The closest choice to "This is my own work" that appears is "I created this image myself." which points to the Template:Self which is not created.
  • Videos in infoboxes: when a video is put in an infobox, the play icon is enlarged and moved down, nearly doubling the size of the infobox, w:File:Screen_Shot_2020-03-15_at_8.05.30_PM.png
  • Videos in galleries have messed-up images w:File:Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 8.07.42 PM.png
  • Adding a YouTube video can fail when the description includes content blocked by the global spam filter. An error appears in the top background: "Fatal error: (Block #471260)"
    • Non-UCP wikis currently ignore the filter when adding the video, but that code to bypass it is missing from UCP wikis.
  • OGG-Vorbis audio files do not show audio player UI and just give a link (wikitext example: [[File:audio_file.ogg]]). See w:c:sin-city-diaries:File:Sin_City_Diaries_intro.ogg
    • You can see the audio player UI (and the audio will play), if you render as Preview while in the Source Editor.
    • Update: Ostensibly fixed. However, the player UI has another issue: it renders as a non-responsive white bar if it is embedded in collapsed content. (Ticket: #973822. For an example, click "Expand" in this article section and scroll to the Audio Box. Ticket submitted on September 13, 2020.)
  • Submitting a link to a YouTube video with an identical title as another will cause the pre-existing video to be replaced, even if it links to a different video. (ticket #931840)
  • Renaming/moving a video results in an error due to "new file extension does not match its type". (ticket #931840)
  • Moving (renaming) an image file page can cause the file itself to disappear. (ticket #932479)
  • Slider galleries in UCP display video thumbnails too low, not centered as pre-UCP sliders do. Image files appear to be centered correctly. (ticket #932643)
  • Links from images ([[File:IMAGE.jpg|link=SOME_PAGE]]) doesn't work, always links to image URL.
  • Borders for images do not work. When adding a border such as [[File:IMAGE.jpg|bordersize=medium]], the border appears in the editing preview, but once the edit is published the border is not there.
  • Thumbnails in category Trending Pages previews sometimes show the wrong image (image in thumbnail is not on the page; Thread:1959144).
  • Uploading an image from Special:NewFiles, if MediaWiki:Licenses is empty, inserts {{undefined}} as the licensing template. This is almost certainly not a valid licensing template in practice. (ticket #968597)
Fixed issues
  • Fixed Rendering images with vignette URLs, like doesn't work, shows up as a link instead of an image
    • Staff reply Fixed in July 2, 2020 release.[13]
  • Fixed Uploaded images (GIF/PNG) can't have transparency. (w:Thread:1828128)
    • Staff reply This is a known bug — there is a ticket and a fix is presumably in the works.[14]
    • Staff reply Should be fixed.[15]
  • Fixed When trying to scale images past their actual size, instead of becoming larger they just get a white background where there should be an up-scaled image.
    • Should be fixed due to transparency fix.[15]

Admin actions Edit

  • Fixed Bureaucrats can't create Content Moderators and Rollbacks.
    • Staff reply Bureaucrats can now properly promote users to the Content Moderator and Rollback positions.[16]
  • Content Moderators, Discussions Moderators, and Rollbacks cannot demote themselves. Bot accounts also cannot remove that botflag from themselves.
  • Administrators cannot delete or move user pages, unless they manually insert ?action=delete into the URL to delete the user pages, or change the URL to Special:MovePage/User:<Example> to move the user pages.
  • Administrators cannot disable blog comments on blog articles. Users also cannot disable blog comments on blog articles that they created.
    • This has been mostly fixed by the new (disablecomments) permission, though non-administrators still cannot disable blog comments on blog articles that they created.
  • Bureaucrats may also fall victim to autoblocks if an abusive Bureaucrat revokes their Administrator flags and blocks them.
  • Administrators cannot edit user talk pages on wikis with message walls enabled. Any attempts to edit the user talk pages will redirect the Administrator to the message wall of the said user.
  • Users with the (deletedhistory) and (deletedtext) permissions can no longer view the deleted histories and their associated text for pages that they cannot undelete. For example, Administrators cannot view the histories of MediaWiki messages that they can't restore.

Special Pages Edit

  • Special:Diff - Page exists but just doesn't work. It just takes the user to the landing page.
    • Special:Diff takes you to, which, unlike on the legacy Fandom platform, does not work. You would have to visit for it to work. It's probably just a regression. (w:Thread:1860079#20)
  • Special:PermanentLink - Suspected similar issue to that for Special:Diff; definitely similar symptoms
  • The user list special page displays a lot of accounts who aren’t confirmed to have accounts on Fandom.[17]
  • Special:ListUsers shows 0 members for most groups.
  • Fixed Special:ListUsers lists all users globally, rather than users who have edited on the wiki
    • Seems to be a new ListUsers page now, and no longer lists all users.
  • Fixed Special:MovePage - (Main) namespace not visible in list when trying to move a page from a non-(Main) namepace to the (Main) namespace. Workaround: select the Talk namespace, then move up one in the list to (Main). (ticket #933619)

Local wiki header Edit

  • Fixed Page count can become wrong due to bug (that may now be fixed) where moving a page would decrement the "Pages" count in the local wiki header. Compare "Pages" count with pages shown in Special:AllPages.
    • Staff reply Renaming a page no longer reduces the page count by 1[4]

Interface and design issues Edit

  • When jumping to an anchor within a document, different than the currently viewed document, the anchored text starts beneath the Fandom bar and requires scrolling to actually see it. (ticket #933952)
  • On screens smaller than 768px the global navigation becomes unusable, with search, user dropdown, and notifications disappearing. w:File:Screenshot_2020-03-11-14-51-20.png (Release Highlights - March 11, 2020)
  • Special:Contributions looks much messier than it does on non-UCP wikis:
    • The fieldset in Special:Contributions (or "Activity") is not modernized.
  • The "Related Wiki" thing that shows up when using Special:Search is going off the edge of the page, w:File:2020-03-12 20-1126 grim.png
  • Special:ListUsers has a very different interface (less options; drop menu rather than checkboxes and no filter by edit count) than legacy wikis.
  • When linking the first character on the line in the VisualEditor the little caret isn't positioned correctly, w:File:2020-03-11_12-4138_grim.png.
  • The toolbar is collapsed on every new wiki you enter.
  • There seems to be less room between paragraphs.
  • Profile editor on UCP interacts poorly with dark themes
  • <body> is missing the oasis-dark-theme class on dark themed UCP wikis
  • Notification bell (for Discussions follows and likes) drop down has larger icons and text, but drop down rectangle is same size, so less entries are visible than previously.
    • Staff reply A bug report has been filed. Whilst the icons are larger, this does not mean that less content fits within the box as reported.[18]
  • Changing the border style for gallery images does not work. By default, it is set to small, but it never updates when changed.
    • Not seeing the same gallery builder as you, but adding the source bordercolor="transparent" or bordersize="none" may accomplish what you want.
  • UCP Galleries sometimes inserts a timer class randomly that replaces gallery images captions. The page shows correctly for a couple of seconds but is replaced by JavaScript.[19]
  • In the Admin Dashboard, when requested to "Upload Video" as a task, the interface displays a page which only allows image uploads. Uploading an image does not dismiss the task.
  • The save dialog contains a copyright notice. This notice links to a local page that is not created automatically and therefore shows as a redlink. (this thread)
  • The table of contents is not styled correctly due to a specificity issue with global CSS. Entries for level 2 headers have both a number and a square bullet. While the CSS to remove the bullets exists, it does not have a higher specificity than the CSS that adds them.
  • If Theme designer is used to customize link colors to something other than what is provided by one of the default themes, only the colors of internal links are modified. External links and interwiki links do not obey the customization. This behavior doesn't occur in non-UCP sites. This is on the list of fixes to be implemented.
  • Temp files uploaded to preview in Theme designer are not flushed, even if changes are not committed with "Save, I'm Done". These files may appear as "Temp_file_(ten digit generated number).png". This is on the list of fixes to be implemented.
  • Image collection tabs in non-Europa portable infoboxes don't display centered as intended. Similar to the table of contents issue, it is a problem with multiple global CSS rules having the same specificity and the wrong ones coming later in the document (as imported). At the time this entry was written, the offending selectors are ".mw-parser-output ul", ".mw-content-ltr ul", and ".mw-content-rtl ul". The selector that should be applied is "ul.pi-image-collection-tabs". (w:Thread:1861732)
Fixed issues
  • Fixed The editor uses cursor: pointer instead of cursor: text like it should as a text editor
  • Fixed The word "community" is automatically added to the end of a wiki's title.
    • Staff reply Per the answer you got on Discord, no to the community thing.[20]
  • Fixed The search bar semi-uncollapses when on your message wall page.
    • Staff reply A bug ticket has been filed, thanks for reporting this.[21]
  • Fixed New UCP wikis are missing the Main Page link on Discussions.
    • Fixed at some point in late April 2020?

Extensions/feature issues Edit

  • The Recent Wiki Activity module shows UTC time only.
  • The Discussions activity feed doesn't work on UCP, it renders as plain text instead of creating the feed.
  • No "Founder" tag for founders.
  • UCP uses "Sysop" tag where legacy wikis used "Admin" tag.
  • Need to configure Special:BotPasswords to use AWB with UCP (Thread:1922264).
    • This is most likely intended behavior.
  • Starter Lua modules are created with an incorrect content type assigned to the pages. This prevents users from editing the modules as the editor detects this as an error.
  • Fixed Cross wiki links using [[w:c:something|label]] sometime go to international version of wiki (maybe only Polish?) and not one without language code specified. i.e. [[w:c:animanga:Diomedéa|Diomedéa]] (Diomedéa) goes to instead of
    • Looks to have been fixed at least with specific example above.
  • Fixed Syntax highlight does not actually color the text and adds the page to Category:Pages_with_Syntax_highlighting_errors. (this thread)
  • Fixed The <math> tag is broken. Using example code from Help:Math gives an error like: [afadac929aededa761793f49] Caught exception of type Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError

Media integration

Message Walls

  • All links pointing to Message Wall:Username are redlinks since those pages don't seem to actually exist anymore.
  • Adding ?debug=1 causes the masthead and profile tabs to completely break (when on your user and activity pages) and nothing whatsoever to show up on your Message Wall page.
  • The Message Wall toggle in the AdminDashboard didn't immediately take effect
    • Staff reply Bug report filed.
  • After the Message Wall feature is Off the Message Wall tab on the profile is gone but is not replaced with a User Talk tab like with what happens on non-UCP wikis.
  • Message wall notifications from UCP only appear on UCP wikis and do not appear on non-UCP wikis.
  • Fixed The "User talk" namespace no longer redirects to the "Message Wall" namespace.
  • Fixed Usernames above posts next to avatars on Message Walls do not link correctly. You would expect them to go to "User:USERNAME" but go to "User:USERNAMEUSERNAME"
  • Deletion of messages or threads has no effect.
    • Even previously deleted threads appeared back after the migration[22]

Mobile Skin


  • The message in the notification dropdown puts a white line between the "X has written a message on your wall" (or whatevs) and the title of the post.[citation needed]
  • Reporting my own post on my message wall caused the notification icon to go haywire, and the mail icon disappears. (ticket #931103)
  • Fixed The notifications dropdown is absurdly wide.
    • Appears to be fixed, long titles are now truncated with an elispis instead of displaying their full length
  • InfoboxBuilder
    • After following the flow to create an infobox (Press "New Page" button, input "Template:TemplateName", Select template type as "Infobox") you get taken to the Special:InfoboxBuilder/Template:TemplateName but the infobox builder never loads.
      • Staff reply Bug report filed — thanks.[23]
    • When modifying Section Headers the text explaining Collapsible Section Headers is duplicated, w:File:2020-03-26_10-4031_grim.png
      • Staff reply Bug report filed — thanks.[23]


  • @import
    • Personal global CSS requires use of a full URL and load.php
    • Due to how site CSS is loaded, does not work from Wikia.css
    • Syntax highlighter/checker recommends using HTML link tag instead. Apparently this is the case even on the legacy platform.
    • Importing custom sliders from the Dev Wiki doesn't work.



  • Fixed Only admins are allowed to comment on blogs. The blog's author is also allowed to leave comments on their own blog.


  • Migrated UCP wikis are not sending emails when someone edits a page a user is following even if that's turned on. Though this is not happening to wikis that have always been UCP just migrated ones.

Missing features Edit

Some features that exist on non-UCP wikis are not currently available on the new platform, and are listed below.

  • Ace Editor
    • Staff reply CodeEditor is dependent on the 2010 WikiEditor, which we are currently exploring to see if we can refactor into the 2017 Editor[24]
  • Added (partial) Achievements
    • Staff reply Coming soon, according to MisterWoodhouse.
    • Staff reply Currently are available.[25]
    • Creating new achievement tracks is not implemented.
  • Arrays
  • Added (partial) Article comments
    • Staff reply Article Comments are not yet enabled.[20]
    • Per previous blog posts, Article Comments are being rebuilt to not rely on retired code. They are not currently on new UCP wikis, as they were not deemed critical for this stage of Phase 1.[26]
    • As of the June 12th update comments are available again and can be toggled on/off (default on) via the Admin Dashboard.[27]
    • No UI or page for tracking adding new-style comment contributions. (w:Thread:1890754#28)
  • Category Exhibition
  • Added (partial) Custom CSS
    • Staff reply[3][15]
    • Global (from CC) and personal scripts and CSS are not imported.
      • Staff reply Personal global CSS on the UCP is now available by editing a personal CSS page on which is serving as a temporary Community Central style wiki for the UCP until CC can be transitioned at the end of Phase 1.[15]
  • Added (partial) DisplayTitle magic word ({{DISPLAYTITLE}})
    • Only formatting changes (such as capitalization) are allowed, likely due to the MediaWiki $wgRestrictDisplayTitle flag being automatically enabled in new wikis.
  • FlaggedRevs
    • No status.
  • Message Wall Greeting
  • Added (partial) MultipleUpload
    • MultipleUpload has been added in the form of Fandom's custom in-editor UploadNewImages extension, but it doesn't support file renaming or setting file descriptions/upload summaries.
  • New Image Galleries
  • Semantic MediaWiki
    • Staff reply In final acceptance testing.[28]
  • Special:Community
    • Staff reply This extension isn't available on the UCP yet, but will be added soon.[citation needed]
  • Special:Templates
  • TabView
  • Welcome messages
  • Wiki Activity
    • Staff reply No plans to re-implement in UCP. May try to change RecentChanges to meet similar needs.[3]
  • Wiki Polls
Previously missing features
  • Added Blogs
    • Staff reply Blogs are still being evaluated. We've heard a lot of great feedback regarding their role in different communities and we have not come to a final decision on blogs yet.[29]
    • Staff reply We're still working on what the blog system will be for the UCP, but Blogs are going to be on it.[30]
    • Staff reply As I've confirmed several times, Blogs will be coming to the UCP and the development of that feature is ongoing.[31]
    • As of August 8, 2020 blogs are live on UCP wikis.
  • Added Custom JavaScript
  • Added DPLforum
    • Staff reply Since the Forums retirement has not happened, DPLForum was not sized as a Day 1 requirement.[33]
    • Staff reply DPLForum extension is now installed on the UCP.[4]
  • Added Global Lua Modules in Scribunto
    • Staff reply Loading global modules from the legacy platform will fail.[35]
    • Staff reply The Global Lua Modules have been migrated to the UCP. I don't know much about them, but I'm told that some of you will be very happy about this :)[36]
  • Added Loops
    • Staff reply I am seeing Loops as slated for full rollout of the platform, which will be later in Phase 1. No ETA on when that release will be, as it has many dependencies.[37]
    • Staff reply The Loops extension is now available on the UCP![15]
  • Added MediaWiki:Newarticletext
    • Staff reply I can confirm that it will support it.[38]
    • Now working.
  • Added Mobile editing
    • Staff reply A specific editor for mobile users is coming![39]
    • Staff reply The Mobile Editor is now LIVE on all UCP wikis![6]
  • Added WikiFeatures
    • WikiFeatures is now integrated into the Admin Dashboard.
      • Not as reliable as legacy wikis, though.
  • Added Gadgets
    • Staff reply The Gadgets extension has been ported to the UCP.[40]
    • There are numerous issues with the extension on UCP wikis. Text on Special:Gadgets and Special:GadgetUsage is unlocalized and MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition is uneditable.
    • As of 2020-08-13 MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition is editable, but all pages are still unlocalized.
    • As of 2020-08-18 all gadget pages seem to be working as intended

Known changes Edit

Some changes are not bugs but intentional changes, and are listed below.

  • Dev Wiki additions -- due to changes in class names and other functionality, some Dev Wiki modifications need to be updated to work with UCP while others may be obsolete. See DEV:UCP.
  • Staff reply Localization strings have changed from custom Fandom translations built up over years on the forked 1.19 platform to the standard MediaWiki translations on 1.33, so some of the terms which non-EN users see will have changed.[8]
  • The masthead doesn't include other details like location, birthday, occupation and gender. That's by design. We switched to a freeform bio with the Profile changes.[41]
  • Special:WhatLinksHere does not work on Message Walls
    • Per our discussion earlier this week, that is not a bug. It is due to the new Message Wall design no longer being MediaWiki custom code.[42]
  • Wikis are now based on a different 'Starter' wiki
    • Staff reply The old starter wiki is NOT the source of new wiki spinup.[43]
    • The starter for the new UCP communities is in a private database. It's not accessible by outside users. Shortly before feature releases for UCP, I will add any relevant additions that capitalize on newly available tools.[44]
  • New Tags appear in Special:Contributions and Special:RecentChanges.
  • User tag text on user profiles is now in MediaWiki:user-activity-group-* and not whitelisted. Also, the User tag for "Blocked" is missing.

Removed features Edit

  • Chat
    • Staff reply Chat will not be ported to the Unified Community Platform. [45]
  • Special:Insights
    • Staff reply This maintenance tool that highlights unclassified templates, non-portable infoboxes and other maintenance issues on a wiki won't be available on the UCP, since it saw only little usage by communities on the Fandom legacy platform. These maintenance tasks can still be accessed through MediaWiki's special pages.
  • Shared Help
    • Staff reply We're replacing those transcluded local Help pages with redirects to their Community Central sources.[46]
  • Special:FilePath
    • Replaced by Special:Redirect/file

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