Hi, I'm Nobody Cares! My dislikes are pretty much modern music, and my likes are oldies and classical music. I'm from the Philippines and England, confusing right? Figure out which of those I live!

My Life living on Wikia

June - July 2009 ~ First Taste Of Wikia

I started out as a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender in 2009, so I searched about it, the third result came from Avatar Wiki, I checked it out, it had great quality articles and I loved it! I did nothing but read pages, I didn't even know I could edit them, I just read and read and read, until I got finally bored of Avatar.

July - November 2009 ~ First Edits And Wiki Coding

I watched the new movie Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and I got hooked up on Transformers, I wondered if a Transformers Wiki existed on Wikia, and it did! That part was a BIG part of my Wiki Story as I learned editing and Wiki-coding in there - I discovered - THE EDIT BUTTON!!! I clicked it, then I added many existing photos and information missing. After that, I realized that It sucks editing without an account - So I created an account - I called it 'Nobody Cares' for two reasons - One is I can't think of a name other than 'Nobody' that was taken already - Two is that no one took 'Nobody Cares' yet. So I did some few contributions with my new account (all of my contribs on TFW got imported to and disappeared from wikia on 2010, sadly) - I also learned some basic coding stuff there (RTE never existed yet), also I stayed on TFWiki even after RTE was released - Until I got bored of non-musical entertainment entertainment...

December 2009 - June 2010 ~ Cross Wiki-ing

Glee Wiki

I first discovered Glee (the show) because of the wiki in early 2010, I tought that the show was great, so I watched a couple of episodes and it IS great! I loved the wiki and made great contributions there - also kept the wiki out of spam and assisted a bureaucrat by acting as her "advisor".

Un-Club Penguin Wiki

I discovered the Un-Club Penguin Wiki - A humor wiki to profanley insult Club Penguin - Because I saw a wiki called the 'Club Penguin Wiki' and I tought it was stupid, so I made lots of contribs to the wiki - Became admin - Until they moved... =( I loved that wiki - On all of the wiki I had joined - I can say this one is the best - For one reason - Most users where my friend - Even tough the content of the wiki was very violent - The users where like the opposite - They were kind, welcoming, and friendly people - unlike some people in other wikis I joined.

July 2010 - September 2010 ~ Monaco/Oasis Disputes

On mid-July of 2010, Wikia announced that they were "executing" monaco and replacing it with Oasis - I had Monaco for a year by that time and I was very angry about it - I compared Monaco and Oasis (the old version of Oasis sucks, really, the newer Oasis is pretty good) and Oasis sucked, so I signed up for the AWA or Anti-Wikia-Alliance my job there was to protest against the new look, and help moving wikis move, and I think I got blocked on a wiki for that but who cares I got unblocked anyways, and then I learned to "accept" Oasis after Wikia updated it - I finally chose it over Monaco, Oasis looked very proffessional compared to Monaco, then I quit the AWA.

September 2010 ~ Songpedia!!!!

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