Hiya! As you might know I hate it when people copy me, but I'm ok if you copy this sig of mine. Just follow a few easy steps below.

  1. Create a page on central called "Template:YOURENAME Sig" (change "YOURNAME" into your username)
  2. On there, switch to source mode then type "{{User:YOURNAME/Sig}}"
  3. Save the page
  4. Open a new tab then go to this page
  5. Click "Edit" or "View Source"
  6. Switch to sourcemode
  7. Copy everything you see there into User:YOURNAME/Sig
  8. As you know, my name is here, hold "Ctrl" in your keyboard and press "f" in your keyboard
  9. On the bar that appears, type "Nobody Cares" and it will highlight all my names
  10. Done changing the names? Change the colors, Add more text, and more text if you like
  11. Save User:YOURNAME/Sig
  12. Go to your Preferences
  13. Find the signature box
  14. Type "{{w:YOURNAME Sig}}" in there (make sure to change YOURNAME into your username)
  15. Save your preferences

Have fun with your new sig! If you have any questions regarding my sig, feel free to contact me via talk page! Happy messaging!

.Nobody Cares Contribs.

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