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== gallery one ==
== gallery one ==
[[image:Sun white.jpg|thumb|Sol]]
[[image:Mercury in color - Prockter07-edit1.jpg|thumb|Mercury]]
[[image:Venus-real color.jpg|thumb|Venus]]
[[image:The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg|thumb|Terra]]
[[image:OSIRIS Mars true color.jpg|thumb|Mars]]
[[image:Jupiter and its shrunken Great Red Spot.jpg|thumb|Jupiter]]
[[image:Io highest resolution true color.jpg|thumb|Io]]
[[image:Ganymede g1 true-edit1.jpg|thumb|Ganymede]]
[[image:Saturn during Equinox.jpg|thumb|Saturn]]
[[image:PIA07763 Rhea full globe5.jpg|thumb|Rhea]]
[[image:Titan in true color.jpg|thumb|Titan]]
[[image:Titania (moon) color cropped.jpg|thumb|Titania]]
[[image:Voyager 2 picture of Oberon.jpg|thumb|Oberon]]
[[image:Neptune Full.jpg|thumb|Neptune]]
[[image:Triton moon mosaic Voyager 2 (large).jpg|thumb|Triton]]
[[image:Nh-pluto-in-true-color 2x JPEG-edit-frame.jpg|thumb|Pluto]]
[[image:Haumea (Dwarf Planet).jpg|thumb|Haumea]]
[[image:Makemake with moon.JPG|thumb|Makemake]]
[[image:2007 OR10 and its moon.png|thumb|2007 OR10]]
[[image:Eris and dysnomia2.jpg|thumb|Eris]]
[[image:Planet nine artistic plain.png|thumb|Solar Planet Nine]]
Sun white.jpg|Sol
Mercury in color - Prockter07-edit1.jpg|Mercury
Venus-real color.jpg|Venus
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg|Terra
OSIRIS Mars true color.jpg|Mars
Jupiter and its shrunken Great Red Spot.jpg|Jupiter
Io highest resolution true color.jpg|Io
Ganymede g1 true-edit1.jpg|Ganymede
Saturn during Equinox.jpg|Saturn
PIA07763 Rhea full globe5.jpg|Rhea
Titan in true color.jpg|Titan
Titania (moon) color cropped.jpg|Titania
Voyager 2 picture of Oberon.jpg|Oberon
Neptune Full.jpg|Neptune
Triton moon mosaic Voyager 2 (large).jpg|Triton
Nh-pluto-in-true-color 2x JPEG-edit-frame.jpg|Pluto
Haumea (Dwarf Planet).jpg|Haumea
Makemake with moon.JPG|Makemake
2007 OR10 and its moon.png|2007 OR10
Eris and dysnomia2.jpg|Eris
Planet nine artistic plain.png|Solar Planet Nine
== gallery two ==
== gallery two ==
[[image:US Capitol west side.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:Delaware State Capitol.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:PAState Capitol Back a Bit.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:NJ Capitol.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Massachusetts State House - Boston, MA - DSC04664.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:Maryland State House from College Ave.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:SC State House at evening.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:New Hampshire State House 5.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:Va State Capitol.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:North Carolina State Capitol, Raleigh.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Rhode Island State House 2.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Vermont State House in Montpelier.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Kentucky State Capitol Front.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Tennessee State Capitol 2009.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Ohio Statehouse columbus.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Louisiana State Capitol Building.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Mississippi State Capitol building in Jackson.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Illinois State Capitol pano.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery, West view 20160713 1.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Maine state capitol.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:AP of Missouri State Capitol Building.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Arkansas State Capitol.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Michigan state capitol.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Old and New Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee, East view 20160711 1.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Capitol building, Des Moines, Iowa.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Sacramento Capitol 2013.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Minnesota State Capitol 2017.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Oregon State Capitol 1.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Kansas Statehouse 2015.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:West Virginia State Capitol 1.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Nevada State Capitol.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:Nebraska State Capitol aerial.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:SD Capitol.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:MK01799 Montana State Capitol.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Idaho Capitol Building.JPG|thumb]]
[[image:DSCN5263 cheyennewyomingcapitolfront e.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City (7631480380).jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Oklahoma State Capitol.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:New Mexico State Capitol east entrance.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Arizona Capitol Museum 2014.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Alaska State Capitol Building.jpg|thumb]]
[[image:Hawaii state capitol from the south-east.jpg|thumb]]
US Capitol west side.JPG
Delaware State Capitol.jpg
PAState Capitol Back a Bit.JPG
NJ Capitol.JPG
Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford.jpg
Massachusetts State House - Boston, MA - DSC04664.JPG
Maryland State House from College Ave.JPG
SC State House at evening.jpg
New Hampshire State House 5.JPG
Va State Capitol.JPG
North Carolina State Capitol, Raleigh.jpg
Rhode Island State House 2.jpg
Vermont State House in Montpelier.jpg
Kentucky State Capitol Front.jpg
Tennessee State Capitol 2009.jpg
Ohio Statehouse columbus.jpg
Louisiana State Capitol Building.jpg
Mississippi State Capitol building in Jackson.jpg
Illinois State Capitol pano.jpg
Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery, West view 20160713 1.jpg
Maine state capitol.jpg
AP of Missouri State Capitol Building.jpg
Arkansas State Capitol.jpg
Michigan state capitol.jpg
Old and New Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee, East view 20160711 1.jpg
Capitol building, Des Moines, Iowa.jpg
Sacramento Capitol 2013.jpg
Minnesota State Capitol 2017.jpg
Oregon State Capitol 1.jpg
Kansas Statehouse 2015.jpg
West Virginia State Capitol 1.jpg
Nevada State Capitol.JPG
Nebraska State Capitol aerial.jpg
SD Capitol.jpg
MK01799 Montana State Capitol.jpg
Idaho Capitol Building.JPG
DSCN5263 cheyennewyomingcapitolfront e.jpg
Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City (7631480380).jpg
Oklahoma State Capitol.jpg
New Mexico State Capitol east entrance.jpg
Arizona Capitol Museum 2014.jpg
Alaska State Capitol Building.jpg
Hawaii state capitol from the south-east.jpg
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