aka Minni

  • I live in that cold place
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is student
  • I am she-wolf
MinniHowl welcomes you!
Hi luvs!

I'm Minni, you may call me whatever you like, as long as it's not offensive or anything like that :)

I'm a girl and can be crazy, random, childish and weird, but I'm friendly and love you all!

Minni av Kodi2

~Xo MinniHowl (talk)

Ps. I don't do friend lists, I love you all! <3

Minni is a cream yellow wolf with dark and light blue fire-like socks on all four paws and tail. She has light blue inside her ears and a light blue nose and eyes. Her special power is electricity/lightning.

Contact me/Where to find me?
Stalker or what? haha just kidding. These are just my online and public contact places. None of them contain any real life information about myself. Check the options below! (Note that there are also more places)
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