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Links are important on wikis to help readers navigate your site.

Internal linksEdit

You can extensively cross-reference wiki pages using internal links. You can add links to existing titles, and also to titles you think ought to exist in future.

To make a link to another page on the same wiki, just put the title in double square brackets.

For example, if you want to make a link to, say, the Wikia page, it would be:


If you want to use words other than the article title as the text of the link, you can add an alternative name by adding after the pipe "|" divider (SHIFT + BACKSLASH on English-layout and other keyboards).

For example, if you wanted to make a link to Wikicities, but wanted it to say "home page" you would write it as such:

View the [[Wikicities|home page]]...

It would appear as:

View the home page...

When you want to use the plural of an article title (or add any other suffix) for your link, you can add the extra letters directly outside the double square brackets.

For example, you would write:

Add questions to the Wikicity for quizzes.

It would appear as:

Add questions to the Wikicity for quizzes.

Interlanguage linksEdit

Some Wikicities are available in multiple languages. To add a link in the sidebar from an article on the English Wikimac to the German version of the same article, type:


"De" is the language code for German. The link will appear in the sidebar as "Deutsch" and link to The German WikiMac iPod article. This only works on wikis with multiple languages on different sites.

See Help:Interlanguage links

Interwiki linksEdit

To link to another Wikicity, you can use its title followed by a colon and the article name, instead of using the full URL.

For example, the creatures wiki home page is at Creatures:Main Page, which can be typed as

[[Creatures:Main Page]]
rather than as

This style of link works for any wiki in the interwiki map, not just for Wikicities. See Help:Interwiki link.

External linksEdit

If you want to link to a site outside of Wikicities, just type the full URL for the page you want to link to.

It is often more useful to make the link display something other than the URL, so use one square bracket at each end, with the alternative title after the address separated by a space (not a pipe). So if you want the link to appear as Google search engine, just type:

[ Google search engine]


To redirect automatically from one page to another, type #REDIRECT and then put in brackets the name of the page to be redirected to.

For example, you could redirect from "Cats" to "Cat". That way, anyone typing either version in the search box will automatically go to "Cat". </nowiki>

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