aka Mr. Snuggles, The Genderbent Gamer

  • I live in my house. We don't have a basement, though.
  • I was born on May 6
  • My occupation is soon-to-be book and cartoon writer.
  • I am what I eat. Therefore I'm pizza.

Hi, I'm Michi. Or LL. Or Likelakers. Or whatever you wanna call me.

I like to think differently than a lot of you. If you have a problem with that, then contact me at /dev/null. I will eagerly await your response.

Silly facts

This user...

  • Hopes Automation-senpai will one day notice him.
  • Believes that Ducksoup should be careful of misspellings of his username.
  • Is probably insane. I mean just look at what he typed above. Scratch that, he IS insane.

Actual facts

  • I promise to be a nice guy! If you're ever afraid of saying something to me, know that I'll likely tell you if something offends me. If I don't say "this offends me", it's likely okay to say. :)
  • Again, this user is probably insane.
  • I'm officially known as Mr. Snuggles. Blame my GF.
  • Hopes to make software out of existing resources that will end up automated in ways never thought of before.

If you ever need any help or are curious about something, don't be afraid to message me. I'm always happy to help or talk, and will try my best to help users, whether new or veteran. :)

Wikis I've visited

----MAIN WIKIS----

  • My Test wiki - For testing stuff; or if you want to be a bit more secretive about your messages to me. :P
  • Community Central - This is where my profile on wikis gets transcluded from!


Fun stuff!

  • For April Fools 2015, I decided to prank Wikia by requesting adoption of Wikia itself, as seen at Adoption:Wikia. A few quickly caught on, since I'm generally a pretty silly user anyway. But as the page says, Wikia does need some cleanup... :)
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