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I'm here to help shoot down typo demons and defeat the evil homonym!

Apart from that cheesiness, I'm a middle aged female nerd, a generalist rather than specialist in my nerdom, a convention-attending-sci-fi/fantasy-fan, and a nightowl by nature. I'm an anime fan, with a preference for good fansubs to dubs most of the time. I'm a former geology geek, (I say former, because while I still appreciate rocks, I'm not so willing to climb crazy cliffs without rope and rigging for samples of the limestone they're made of...I'm afraid that I don't bounce so well anymore!) and an archaeology and paleontology nut as well...My interest in science is well known to those who know me. I've been called a walking, talking, spelling dictionary/thesaurus/encyclopedia by friends for years.

For hobbies, I read books, attend local sci-fi cons, as well as Dragoncon, lampwork glass beads, do various forms of simple leatherwork, and fancy knotwork. I've got a talent for figuring out some simpler computer boggles for people, provided it's a windows XP machine, and it's not caused by malware. I've got a talent for fixing small machines...Enough of one that if the copier starts having a fit at work, they come and get me before calling in a tech! I also do a few archaic crafts that have no use in modern society, like spinning and knapping flint. I indulge in steampunk cosplay every once in a while, and am a fan of steampunk styles...There's something beautiful about seeing the plain, hard lines of modern technology rewrapped in the ornamentation and elegance of the victorian age.

I can also be talked into using my knack of fixing small machines for fun, dark chocolate, and kudos. Most of what I do here will tend to be in the Abney Park and Ego Likeness sections of the lyrics wikis, since they're two of my all-time favorite bands.

From January to June, if you want to catch me actually online, you'll have to do it at swearwordmumble/throw-a-shoe in the morning...A.k.a. between 5 and 9 am., central time. I'm a little more available the rest of the year.