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If you're going through hell, keep going.
~ Winston Churchill

Hey folks, Mentalistpro here!

I start participating in Wikia since late 2012. Right now, I'm focusing on improving article content and creating templates for my responsible wikis. Feel free to ask me everything on my wall, I'll return you very soon ;)

I'm currently doing my LLB/Com degree in Sydney. I'm a big fan of Don't Starve League of Legends, Civilisation 4/5, Minecraft and Invisible Inc. I'm a bureaucrat in Don't Starve Wiki. Tell you a secret, I hate Mathematics!

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Glommer.png Wikia Project
DontStarve-ico.png Don't Starve Wiki (English) Active Mentalistpro
DontStarve-ico.png Don't Starve Wiki (Chinese) Active Mentalistpro
DragonIB-ico.png Dragon Blue Island Wiki Semi-active Mentalistpro
Minecraft-ico.png Minecraft Universe Wiki Inactive Mentalistpro
Voltz-ico.png Voltz Inactive Mentalistpro
WikiaCentral-ico.png Community Central Semi-active Mentalistpro
WikiaDev-ico.png Wikia Developers Wiki Semi-active Mentalistpro
Wiki-wordmark.png Wikia Templates Wiki Semi-active Mentalistpro
Wiki-wordmark.png VSTF Supporter Mentalistpro
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