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You have two cows. Your neighbors help you take care of them at gun point, and you all share the milk... for a few months. Then the people in charge of redistributing the milk hog it all, declaring themselves the most "important" people to the system of communism. Some who disagree rebel, causing those in charge of redistribution to remove the "rebel" region's "food" privileges. Hundreds of thousands of innocents in the region are starved out. Then those in charge start demanding military service from families' children in exchange for "licenses" to consume necessary goods. All people are forced at guns point by those who control the guns to work as slaves for 18 hours a days to earn their "shelter" licenses. You then realize that you have not gotten rid of capitalism, but rather unleashed the horrors of state capitalism, a system where the state becomes the most powerful, evil monopolist humanly possible. Finally, while starving to death in your government subsidized hut, you realize that there are only two economies in the world that you can choose from - state capitalism and free-market capitalism. You then realize, silently to yourself, for fear of speaking out against "the people's" system, that communism was the wrong choice.

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