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Je possède des comptes utilisateurs sur prêt de 100 projets de la fondation :

The Same Guy

Hello, this is Mattkenn3. If you are familiar with any of the Wikimedia sites, you might know me. I am now under a global Wikimedia account, so I am Mattkenn3 on all Wikimedia sites and wikis.


This is a list of all of the wikis that I contribute to.

  • Meerkats Wiki: I currently am very active at the Meerkats Wiki. I hold a bureaucratic position on this wiki. This wiki and it's content is growing and improving quickly but, the community activity and number of active contributers is considerably low.
  • Constructed Mythology Wiki: I am an active user and member of the administration on the Constructed Mythology Wiki. The wiki has a fine community and is still progressing. I enjoy working there and am looking foreward to improving the wiki's policies and helping out with content expansion and community work.
  • Avatar Wiki: I am an active user with rollback abilities on the Avatar Wiki. Although I am not particuliarly fond of the subject, I love working with the community as well as helping out with content expansion and evaluation.

Cool Backgrounds

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