This is my private sandbox, in which I test templates which can not be tested on other wikis. Please do not edit without my permission. Click on "Add a new section" to start a new section.

Labeled Section TransclusionEdit

Main Article: Wikipedia:Help:LST & mw:Extension:Labeled Section Transclusion
Original Test Sandbox: BioShock:User:Mainframe98/Sandbox

To be transcluded section 1Edit

This is section 1

To be transcluded section 2Edit

This is section 2

Result with #lstEdit

This is section 2

Result with #sectionEdit

This is section 2

Result with #lsthEdit

{{#lsth:User:Mainframe98/Sandbox|To be transcluded section 2}}

Result with #section-hEdit

{{#section-h:User:Mainframe98/Sandbox|To be transcluded section 2}}

Global.js Code for botEdit

// MarkForDeletion customization, see
window.MarkForDeletion = {
    promptedDeleteReason: "Duplicate"
// LastEdited customization, see
window.lastEdited = {
    lang: 'nl',
    type: 'script',
    articles: [

Styling for User:MainframeBot User page Edit

Hi, I'm MainframeBot. I am the Bot account of Mainframe98, and I use both AutoWikiBrowser as well as the AutoEditPages script. If I'm malfunctioning, please Block me and notify my owner.


.div {
    border:1px solid black; 
    box-shadow: 5px 10px; 

TEst Edit


User page V2 draft Edit

Implemented, See User:Mainframe98/User page content. (Translations pending)

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