aka Korii

  • I live in lion's dimension
  • My occupation is drawing and editing
  • I am genderfluid

oh, hello fellow stalker

i see you have stumbled across my profile

the name's lxcky, but you can cell me luck, zis, or koo.


Name - Korii

Nicknames - Koo, Zis

Sexuality - idk anymore

Age - 14 yay turning 15

Recommended Pronouns - whatever you want

Occupation - i like to draw and edit stuff, i also roleplay. i`m also addicted to sourcing pages

Favorite Bands - TøP, P!ATD, Imagine Dragons and Coldplay.

Favorite Musician/Artist - Marina and The Diamonds

Favorite Song (Currently) -

Likes - Dragons, HTTYD, dinosaurs, JP/JW, ROBLOX, plants, flowers, french vanilla icecream(yum), reptiles, birds, blueberries, bananas, science fiction, astronomy, Steven Universe, Pokemon

Dislikes - Vegetables, vandalism

Favorite Animal/s - Fennec Fox, Old Dutch Capuchine, Chameleon

Favorite Dinosaur/s - Baryonyx and Carnotaurus ;p

Favorite Fantasy Animal/s - Wyvern/Dragons

Favorite Colour/s - Orange and Green (can be pastel)


WIP (doesn't know if i should put ones who don't use wikia)


Bold has a higher chance of reply.

Manyland - Lucky

Miceforce - Bubbleti - Illuminating

Email - no

Skype - Ask

Flight Rising - Waiting for sign-ups screech

no longer uses youtube

i`m not the type of social media person ok pls dont hurt me

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