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This page contains details on how to contact Lcawte.


I am often on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), in many of the different channels to do with wikia. If I am on IRC, I will always be in ###Lcawte. I am will more than likely be in #wikia, Wikia's general support channel, and #brickipedia, the channel for Brickipedia - The LEGO Wiki.

My IRC cloak is @wikia/wikimedia.Lcawte, which you can check by typing /whois Lcawte. I may also be using one of the following nicknames:

  • WebCoder11
  • HonkingRedPanda
  • DrunkDonkey

I also run a few bots on IRC, which are found in all the channels I have access flags on. The bots use the cloak @wikia/shellium.LcawteBot. Their nicknames are as followed:

  • BrickLinkBot - Sits in #brickipedia, and can give links to Brickipedia or any Wikimedia Foundation wiki.
  • LcUtilityBot - Sits in all channels I have flags on. This bot will feed requests to me in my channel, to do this use the following syntax: !lcawte <your IRC nickname> #<channel you are in> <what you need>
  • LcDevHelper - Purely a bot development bot to help me in various tasks. You may see him if I need to find out something quickly for a new bot.
  • LcCVNFeeder - This bot sits in certain Counter Vandalism Network channels and feeds parts of it into a separate channel for personal use.


I can be contacted by e-mail. It is best to contact me via Special:EmailUser/Lcawte on your wiki, however, I can be contacted directly at, which is a slower method because it is not my main email address.

Talk Page[]

Talk pages are the best way to contact me, as I get a notification whenever someone changes it. Note: Do not mark your messages as minor! My talk page is at User talk:Lcawte on your wiki. It is best using a specific talk page for a certain subject. A few helpful talk pages are listed below: