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Welcome to my Userpage

Hi there! I'm Lcawte, an active Wikian here at Wikia. I am an active contributer of these wiki's:


You can also check out my tweets for this wiki.

If you need to contact me, please post a message on my talk page or email me.

Have a wonderful day!

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New Wikis[]

I like to watch and help with development of New Wikis, below are some of the New Wiki's and my watchlist....


New Wikias[]



I often visit a lot of wiki's on Wikia for various reasons, alot of the time, they are ones I have noticed and need to keep an eye on. Such reasons for watching may include: Inactivity, Heavy Vandalism, Wiki subject's I'm interested in, and many more.

My Wikis[]

I have started a few wikis, most still need alot of work so they are ready for the world to see and enjoy. Wikis at the top of this list, recive most attention and will be worked on first.

  1. Custom Lego Wiki
  2. Rock Raidapedia
  3. Thorpe Park Wiki
  4. Portsmouth F.C Wiki
  5. UK Scouting Section Wiki
  6. Railroad Tycoon 3 Wiki

The wiki's below are projects I am working on along side those listed above. The wiki's below dont have a high priority, and are mainly a group of wiki's used for a small group of wiki editors inside a bigger clan like structure.

  1. Hellaspp Wiki - Puzzle Pirate Crew, Hellas on Viridian
  2. Lcawte (Puzzle Pirate) Wiki - Wiki about the Puzzle Pirate Player, Lcawte. Collects various types of data.

The final wiki below is a wiki organising various things that I hope to do on Central, mainly sorting out category systems.

  1. Lego Wiki's Wiki - Sorting out Categorization for Lego related Wikis.

I also have various test wiki's for things I do across wikia, here are all my current tests.