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Krauser Pk18 Edit

I am realtivly new to Wikia. I am on the Resident Evil Wikia righ now and I have to say that this compilation of information is most impressive. There is a lot on these Wikia about anything. So if any one out there wants to talk to me I'm all ears.

Favorite Series of GamesEdit

Resident Evil

Ace Combat

Metal Gear


Dead or Alive

Favorite Single Games Edit

Resident Evil 3

Ace Combat 0

Metal Gear Solid PS1

Halo: Combat Evolved

Dead or Alive4

Left 4 Dead

Favorite Movies Edit


Alien (all except Ressurection, it wasn't that good...)

Alien vs. Predator

Full Metal Jacket (R.Lee Earmy is scary)

Letters From Iwo Jima

Paths of Glory

Glory (I'm a Civil War Reenactor)

The Last of the Mohichans

The Last Samurai

Apocalypse Now


STARWARS (the original Trilogy)

The Hunt For Red October

And pretty much any movie with Sean Connory.

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