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Tier Unknown
Name Unknown
Origin Unknown
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Classification Unknown
Creation Date 07/25/2015
Created By Lord Kavpeny
Last Updated Date 05/30/2016
Last Updated By Josephyr
Tier Level Energy in Joules Energy in Tonnes

of TNT Equivalent

Ratio of High

End to Low End

9-C Street 102 to 1.8x103 2.39x10-8 to 4.3x10-7 18x
Street+ 1.8x103 to 5x103 4.3x10-7 to 1.195x10-6 2.78x
9-B Wall 5x103 to 4.184x106 1.195x10-6 to 10-3 836.8x
Wall+ 4.184x106 to 2.092x107 10-3 to 5x10-3 5x
9-A Room 2.092x107 to 2.092x108 5x10-3 to 5x10-2 10x
Room+ 2.092x108 to 1.046x109 5x10-2 to 2.5x10-1 5x
8-C Building 1.046x109 to 4.184x109 2.5x10-1 to 1 4x
Large Building 4.184x109 to 4.184x1010 1 to 10 10x
8-B City Block 4.184x1010 to 4.184x1011 10x
8-A Multi-City Block 4.184x1011 to 4.184x1012 102 to 103 10x
7-C Small Town 4.184x1012 to 4.184x1013 103 to 104 10x
Town 4.184x1013 to 4.184x1014 104 to 105 10x
Large Town 4.184x1014 to 4.184x1015 105 to 106 10x
7-B Small City 4.184x1015 to 4.184x1016 106 to 107 10x
City 4.184x1016 to 4.184x1017 107 to 108 10x
7-A Large City

or Mountain

4.184x1017 to 4.184x1018 108 to 109 10x
Large Mountain

or Small Island

4.184x1018 to 4.184x1019 109 to 1010 10x
6-C Island 4.184x1019 to 4.184x1020 1010 to 1011 10x
Large Island 4.184x1020 to 4.184x1021 1011 to 1012 10x
6-B Small Country 4.184x1021 to 4.184x1022 1012 to 1013 10x
Country 4.184x1022 to 4.184x1023 1013 to 1014 10x
Large Country 4.184x1023 to 4.184x1024 1014 to 1015 10x
6-A Small Continent 4.184x1024 to 4.184x1025 1015 to 1016 10x
Continent 4.184x1025 to 4.184x1027 1016 to 1018 100x
Large or


4.184x1027 to 8.368x1027 1018 to 2x1019 20x
5-C Moon 8.368x1027 to 1.674x1031 2x1019 to 4x1021 200x
Moon+ 1.674x1031 to 3.347x1032 4x1021 to 8x1022 20x
5-B Planet 3.347x1032 to 3.347x1034 8x1022 to 8x1024 100x
Planet+ 3.347x1034 to 1.674x1036 8x1024 to 4x1026 50x
5-A Large or


1.674x1036 to 8.368x1038 4x1026 to 2x1029 500x
Large or


8.368x1038 to 1.254x1040 2x1029 to 2.998x1030 ~15x
4-C Small Star 1.254x1040 to 6.276x1041 2.998x1030 to 1.5x1032 ~50x
Star 6.276x1041 to 1.464x1042 1.5x1032 to 3.5x1032 2.33x
Large Star 1.464x1042 to 2.255x1044 3.5x1032 to 5.388x1034 ~154x
4-B Solar System 5.709x1044 to 1.413x1049 1.364x1035 to 3.377x1039 ~2475x
4-A Multi-Solar System 1.413x1049 to 1061 3.377x1039 to 2.39x1052 ~700 billion x
3-C Galaxy 1061 2.39x1052 NA
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