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docId=ft3q2nb2gw& "Greater New York Film Rental Company, certificate of incorporation, filed 25 March 1907, NNNC", -

-The "original" Fox News was Fox Movietone. The following are 168 pages worth of classic newsreels. For some reason, many are outtakes: Just how big is the Univ. of South Carolina's collection of these reels? Well, they have 2083.3333 miles worth of reels. The webpage also links these pages: "African Americans Seen Through the Eyes of the Newsreel Cameraman" and "Fox Movietone News: The War Years" .== ===

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​​​​-WALL-E and silent films: ===

-5 of the Former 6 major Hollywood studios had founders who were Jewish. For giving where credit is due, while several of guys listed here were not founders of these companies outside of being a co-founder of a company that merged with another company (Sam Goldwyn and William Fox come to mind), I am including movie/theater them anyway. Edit

a. Columbia/Sony Pictures: Joe Brandt (7/20/1882-2/22/39) and the Cohn brothers: Harry (7/23/1891-2/27/58) and Jack (1 0/27/1889-12/8/56; both were Russo-German)
b. 20th Century Fox: Joseph Schenck (12/25/1878-10/22/1961; Russian), Darryl Zanuck (9/5/02-12/22/1979), William Fox (1/1/1879-5/8/1952; Hungarian), William B Goetz (3/24/1903-8/15/1969; American )
c. Paramount: Charles (7/15/1856–5/7/1915) and Daniel Frohman (8/22/1851–12/26/1940), Jessie L. Lasky (10/13/1880-1/13/1958; American), William W. Hodkinson (8/16/1881-6/2/1971), and Adolph Zukor (1/7/1873-6/10/1976; Austro-Hungarian).

Note: Though not a founder, there was a third Frohman brother named Gustave (c.1854 –8/16/30; all were American). Edit

d. Universal: Charles O. Baumann (1/20/1874-7/18/1931; Polish), Pierre E.J. Brulatour (4/7/1870-10/26/1946), Robert H. Cochrane (1877/78-6/1/1973), Mark M. Dintenfass (4/17/1872-11/23/1933), David Horsley (3/11/1873 -2/23/1933), Adam Kessel (1866-1946), Carl Laemmle (1/17/1867–9/24/1939; German), Patrick Anthony Powers (10/8/1870-7/30/1948), and William Swanson Edit

d Warner Brothers: Albert (7/23/1884-11/26/1967), Harry (12/12/1881-7/25/1958), Jack (8/2/1892-9/9/1978), and Sam (8/10/1887-10/5/1927) were Russo-German Jews. Edit

1. Historically major but not as active today as the the above 5:
e. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: Sam Goldwyn (8/17/1879-1/31/1974; Russian Polish); Louis B. Mayer (7/12/1884-10/29/57; Belorussian-Canadian), and Marcus Loew (5/7/1870-9/5/1927; German-Polish),
f. RKO Pictures: Martin Beck (7/31/1868–11/16/1940; Slovak), Edward Franklin Albee (10/8/1857–3/11/1930), Benjamin Franklin Keith (1/26/1846-3/26/1914), David Sarnoff (2/27/1891-12/12/1971; Belarusian) and Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (9/6/1888-11/18/1969).
g. United Artists: Charlie Chaplin (4/16/1889-12/25/1977), D.W. Griffith (1/22/1875–7/23/1948), Douglas Fairbanks (5/23/1883-12/12/1939; German), and Mary Pickford (4/8/1892–5/29/79)

Note: the above is meant to be anti-Semitic but rather to point out which of these key figures were Jewish because there is a long history of Jewish presence in Hollywood. Edit

-This June 26, 2018 page ( lists the former Big 6 and their then market share. I chose this date was it was the day before the USDOJ told Disney something along the lines of "You can buy 21st Century Fox but you have to sell-off their 22 regional sports networks". So, I get that 20th Century Fox was struggling but was it to the point that selling off most of the Fox Empire was really necessary? Edit

The Fox movie empire in 1929 was estimated to be $300 million and that is about $4,455,843,341.96 in 2018 money. Edit

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