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Hello there, I'm Jsteel7, an active-ish Wikia contributor. You may have seen me around a few times helping on the Community Central Forums or on other wikis. I am one of the four founders of the Railway Wiki Community, with the other three being HenryDuckFan, Starfleet Academy and SirHandelFalcon. I am a big rail fan, with a particular interest in the trains of New South Wales, Australia, which is where I live and love. I am also a fan of Lego trains and transforming NSW trains into Lego. My current train is my V set, which you can see photos of here. My favorite punctuation mark is the Interrobang, a not very commonly used punctuation mark that is an exclamation mark and a question mark! My main home wiki is the NSW Trains Wiki, which was my very first wiki that I founded due to a lack of wikis on that particular subject. I have an intermediate level of CSS and will try to help with anyone who asks me for help with CSS. I'm not very good at coding javascript, but I can install it easily. I am an admin on the following wikis:

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