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I'm currently a college student and love it! I love music and reading (as you can see from how many stories I have bookmarked, you should see my bookshelf). I love going to music festivals and just love being able to experience so many different genres of music. I also have probably seen every movie ever made.

I love Christmas and semi-loathe Valentine's/St. Patrick's Day. I think Easter should be on a constant day and no be moved around every year. the Da Vinci Code is my bible. Barnes & Nobles and Borders are the places where I spend most of my time. If I could live there, I would.

I hope to become a writer or work in the film industry, as those deal with my two major passions. I drink water faster than a fish, it is always my drink of choice. I love obscure or indie bands, I feel that their music is real, because their artistic development is not hindered by big label companies. The same goes for movies, I love anything by Focus features.

Amelie Poulain is my hero.

I also love musicals, there's something almost mystical about musicals that just gets to me. I love taking days off in my hectic schedule and just sit down with my family and watch a good movie. I love going out to try new food, as my family hardly has time to cook. I have three best friends, Genina, Lena, and Maribel. I love these girls to death and would do anything for them. My life would not be the same without them.

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