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  • When the four Titans become shocked with Starfire as Princess and with "!!?!?" above their heads, we can see Cyborg's left ear is human.

Titans Together[]

  • Right after Cyborg got thrown to stairs and as Kid Flash said "Sorry I'm late. I had to pick up a friend.", we can see Cyborg's left ear turn from metal to human as he gets up and fights Control Freak.
    • Also, after Cyborg and Control Freak watched Jinx take down the H.I.V.E. Five and while Cyborg said "Now that was unexpected.", we can quickly see that his left ear turned human again. But after he turned his head and the camera cuts to him smirking, Cyborg's left ear turned back to metal again.

Mother Mae-Eye[]

  • After the Titans, including Beast Boy, rushed to the gingerbread Titans Tower and landed on a big pie, Cyborg's left ear is human when standing next to Beast Boy.ølnir?diff=1042953&oldid=1042302


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Mortal Kombat characters[]


Events I wish that were recreated and created for real[]

  • Ambush at the Los Angeles Waste Management Facility
  • Attack at the Mojave Desert
  • Rescue of Jason Wilkes
  • Kidnapping of Dottie Underwood
  • Ambush at Howard Stark's Estate
  • Attack on Daniel Sousa
  • Infiltration into the MacArthur Grand Hotel
  • Kidnapping of Rufus Hunt
  • Infiltration into the Arena Club
  • Attack on Peggy Carter
  • Kidnapping of Lia Dewan
  • Kidnapping of New Orleans Gang Leaders
  • Chase of Medusa
  • Attack on Mariah Dillard
  • Rescue of Mariah Dillard
  • Infiltration into the NYPD Crime Laboratory
  • Attack on Jace Montero
  • Attack on the Yangsi Gonshi Chop Shop
  • Attack on Kevin Page
  • Ambush in Naro-Atzia
  • Infiltration into the GT Agrochemical Office
  • Attack on Henry Yip
  • Attack on Demetri Patseras
  • Assassination of Gregory Sallinger
  • Infiltration into Wappingers Falls Police Station
  • Chase of Gregory Sallinger
  • Capture of Trish Walker
  • Assassination of Oscar Clemons
  • Arrest of Gregory Sallinger

Items I wish that were recreated and created for real[]

  • Rift Generator
  • Hot Wire
  • Truth Serum
  • Motion Detector
  • Havoc Reactor
  • Attilan Laser Guns
  • Terrigen Chambers
  • Beso de la Araña
  • Hammer Industries Shotgun

Nanite Relocation: This suit like Mark L can relocate nanites even from his other nanite creations. He used the relocation tech to reform his broken helmet multiple times in the battle and to steal the Infinity Stones from Thanos without him noticing without removing the Nano Gauntlet. Although they were used, it's relocation abilities seemed inferior to Mark L's.