English: Hello. I am: Jeff G., an Autopatroller, Reviewer, and Rollbacker on English Wikipedia; an Image-reviewer, Autopatroller, Rollbacker, and File mover on Wikimedia Commons; an Autopatroller on Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki; a Rollbacker on Simple English Wikipedia; a Bureaucrat and Administrator on the Computer Wiki, on Wikimedia's Pending Changes prototype wiki, on TechWiki, on WiccaPedia, on the Admin Tools Wiki, on The Test Wiki, and on the Test Admin Wiki; an Administrator on the Wiki of WondUR, the James of UR Wiki, on RationalWiki (as a Sysop), on the Wikimedia Outreach wiki, on Test Wikipedia, on the English Wikimedia Labs Wiki, on the Wikimedia Labs Flagged Revisions Test Wiki, and on the Wikimedia Labs LiquidThreads Test Wiki; a Translator on Translatewiki.net; a Betatester on Wikia Community Central; and a regular user of various wikis, including MediaWiki.org and Technology Wiki. If anyone is considering adminship (or is a new Administrator) on any MediaWiki-based wiki (Wikia, Wikimedia Foundation, or elsewhere), the Admin Tools Wiki is a great place to learn and get hands-on experience with the admin tools, so please come join us there. I am a native English speaker and writer, and consider myself level 1 in Spanish. Please also see my user pages: wikipedia:User:Jeff G., commons:User:Jeff G., m:de:User:Jeff G., m:User:Jeff G., and m:simple:User:Jeff G. Since email doesn't work here, you may email (but not spam) me on English Wikipedia or any other WikiMedia Foundation wiki (account required).

I use Google Translate.

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