Themes I've Made/Helped Make

Zeldapedia is one of the first wikis I edited at, and when the Oasis change came around, our Monaco theme worked out pretty well with Oasis, but our Monobook theme, which was bland in the first place, was still bland. Eventually, I stopped using the Oasis skin, and switched to Monobook. After awhile, I got sick of seeing the bland Monobook theme and due to the Monobook Theme forum, the site came to consensus that a theme would be nice and that the one that was made should be used.

Ben 10 Fan Fiction's theme resulted in a blog done by Roads. It was quite an easy theme to make, but at the same time, it was really difficult. My cache wouldn't update and it would keep flipflopping between two different themes. It came out better than I expected, and I'm quite glad it's still used on the wiki.
Video Game Wiki's theme has gone through many overhauls. From the logo being redone. To the color of the mainpage changing. To the background changing. I found the background image on some random site on the internet and changed the coloring. I found the teal color using photoshop elements. All in all, it's a nice theme in my eyes, and I don't always think the themes I make are nice.
Aion Wiki's theme was made after Rappy had asked me in the IRC if I'd be willing to make a Monobook theme for the wiki. I said yes and started my work on it. It was a pretty easy theme, and I'm glad I was able to help out.
Ben 10 Planet's theme was done after I've complained numerous times about the lack of borders in their Monobook. After consulting with TheBen10Mazter, I went to work on a theme. Going off the basis of the Ben 10 Fan Fiction theme that I did previously, I tweaked it so that it worked for the Ben 10 Wiki. The background was made by Superbike10 and was originally used in Oasis. I tweaked it so that it didn't have the green bordered bit so that it would repeat nicely.
This theme was made after Kangaroopower requested that I make a Monobook theme for 39 Clues Wiki. The background color was pulled from the background image of Oasis and the page tab colors were pulled from the toolbar. Kangaroopower then asked if I could add a shadow around the content area and the page tabs and so I complied. The background of the content is the same color, but has a transparent fade.
The Donkey Kong wiki theme was requested by Bullet Francisco. I was originally going to use a background found on Google as the background image, but when it didn't work I had pulled a color similar to the one that was used int he background image I was planning to use. I made the borders of the page black to pop out more against the background, which is a gradient. It's a pretty simple, quickly made theme.

The Simpsons wiki theme was requested by Randomno. They had requested that I give the theme a yellow content box and keep the cloud background. To make it so that the cloud background would show through, I made the background to the content section semi-transparent. I also gave the pagetabs round corners, as well as the content box. In addition to that, I made the top right and bottom right corners of the sidebar round. While this theme was made somewhat quickly, I still think it came out nice.
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