If you are looking for a professional guide, this is random gobbledygook notes for me to know what I am doing, and the reason im doing this is that some Wikis use tab boxes that turn blue when you hover over them in the visual editor, and then it sends you to a messy Source / Classic Editor formatted tab.

I am pretty much testing random commands on both the Visual Editor (To see how basic commands look in the classic editor) and using random commands in the classic editor / source editor.

Here it goes

*Disclamer: I am a noob at FANDOM Wikia posts, but I just want to help out, so im using this is a sorta Rough Draft. I I make an actual guide it will be here: [Not made yet, will be made soon, maybe, im lazy lol]

Notes: Edit

  • Put <nowiki> at the start and </nowiki> at the end while using the source / classic editor if you use the triggers for things so you don't have a non-exsistent link or random bold/italic text
  • Any command in <> will be like this: <command> text using command </command> | The starting point is the name of the command in <>, then the text, then a / with the name inside <>. / Means end.

Top Bar Commands Edit

Undo: Ctrl+Z (Duh)

Paragraph / Font Type Drop Down Box Edit

Paragraph (Normal): (Just type it in normally)

Heading: To make a heading, type this: == Heading == Edit

Sub-heading 1: === Sub-heading === Edit

Sub-heading 2: ==== Sub 2 ==== Edit

Sub-heading 3: ===== Sub 3 ==== Edit
Sub-heading 4: ====== Sub 4 ====== Edit

Block Quote: <blockquote> Block Quote text </blockquote>

Preformatted: Just put a space before text ([Paragraph] | [ Preformatted])

Big text: =Big text=Edit

(This type of text is not in drop-down box, only in Source / Classic Editor, I got it because paragraph is zero equals signs and heading is 2 equals signs, so what would be 1 equals sign? my theory is this is an old heading they kept in for shits and giggles) Edit

B, I, and Link Edit

Bold: '''Bold'''

Italics: ''Italic''

Both: '''''Bold and Italic'''''

Link: [ Click Me], so basicly [Link Text],

WikiLink: Or, they could link a fandom post (in the same wiki) like this: [[Editing 101|Click Me]] or [[Post name|Text]]

It works: Click Me = [[Editing 101|Click Me]]

To link a Wikipedia post, do {{W|Cheese}}, or {{W|Article Name}}. Note: The article name will also be the text that displays.

See: Cheese = {{W|Cheese}}

Also, {{Template}} are also templates, but theres a lot to cover on those. Maybe I'll make 'em soon.

Video, Image, Gallery, and Lists Edit

Disclamer: I can not put in my own videos, so I am just gonna use a random one (I was gonna use Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up, but I couldn't get it to work. Edit


Hey Song - Rock n roll part 2- Gary Glitter

Hey Song - Rock n roll part 2- Gary Glitter

This is a random video I found

In the Source / Classic Editor, it says:

[[File:Hey Song - Rock n roll part 2- Gary Glitter|thumb|480x480px|centre|This is a random video I found]]

so basicly, the format is:

[[File:Video Name|thumb|size (Format: AxBpx)|position (left, centre, right,)|Comment (optional)]]

Image: (Called "Logo Very Big" on my Desktop)

Logo Very Big

This is my logo for everything. It's called "Logo Very Big" because on some websites it looked bad, so I created "Logo", "Logo Big" and "Logo Very Big"

So, in Source / Classic Editor, it looks like this:

[[File:Logo Very Big.png|thumb|838x838px|centre|This is my logo for everything. It's called "Logo Very Big" because on some websites it looked bad, so I created "Logo", "Logo Big" and "Logo Very Big"]]

So the Format is like this:

[[File:Picture Name|thumb|size (Format: HxWpx) (H=Height W=Width)|position (left, centre, right,)|Comment (optional)]]

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