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  • 1st. Wikia:

NickStars- Nickelodeon Productions
(Made by User:Ilovespongebob in December 11'2009 & i took over it October 6 2010)

  • 2nd. Wikia:

Caring & Memory Wiki- Edmund K Lo's Caring & Memory
(Made by Me {iCarlyFan2009} for the love & memory of People's who pass on)

Past WikiaEdit

Nickipedia- Nickelodeon Wikia
(Made by Agent-347)
Note: I don't help out at "Nickipedia" anymore because i am block by Agent-347
just because he refuse to make me his Co-Admins when i ask him...

Nickelodeon Wikia HistoryEdit

In May 20 2009, I first came on Wikia i came onto a wikia call "Nickipedia"
a Nickelodeon database.
I help out on "Nickipedia" & for no reason i was block by Agent-347 on July 31, 2009.
Than i was block for a week only by Agent-347 until i told him that i am an
& my friend is Miranda Cosgroves (Really my friend).
Agent-347 unblock me & i started working on the iCarly Episodes since than from August 8, 2009 to October 6 2010.
I ask Agent-347 to make me his Co-Admin & even ask him nicely but he said NO.
I ask Agent-347 nicely again & he said no.
Than Agent-347 block me for harassment but i did not do that.
All i did is ask to be a Co-Admin & that it.
So i found a 'inactive' wiki call "Nickelodeon Productions" & i took over it.
Than name it "NickStars" (It mean Nickelodeon Stars) & i re-add all of the work that
i work on from "Nickipedia" to my new Wikia.
I ask Sarah Manley (A Wikia Stuff) to make me an Admins for it & it mine now.
This Wikia was 'inactive' since December 11'2009.
It is great to have my own Wikia & the name is "NickStars" A Nickelodeon Wikia database
with better look than "Nickipedia" a Nickelodeon database own by Agent-347. The End of a Great Nickelodeon Wikia History...
Anyway, I continue to make "NickStars" my Nickelodeon Wikia more & more better
than "Nickipedia" with new show & new movies.

This is a Special thank to Sarah Manley (A Wikia Stuff) for making me the Admins
for it....

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My Main & 2nd. profile is here:
NickStars- Nickelodeon Productions.Wikia.Profile
My 1st. Profile is here:
Nickipedia- Nickelodeon.Wikia.Profile

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My Caring & Memory Profile

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Also my page: Caring & Memory

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The Community Support Team
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Sarah Manley / Sarah's Talk Page
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