aka Gabriel

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male ♂


Maybe some of you remember me and others did not, but I was an active user here. I originally created my account in June 2017, but I signed up here only on October 1st of the same year (who is only 17 days before my birthday XD). I initially came here just for talk with random people on the wiki's chat, but after a user sent me a welcome message, I decided to answer it, so I did my first contribution here. But in May 2018, I decided to take a "long break" due to school, family problems and emotional problems occasioned by a troll obsessed with me, who stalked me in many social medias; what caused that I stay inactive here for a few weeks, before I came back and went out again for a long time. I also wrote my "last words" that time, saying that it would be permanently, but I was being uncertainty. Don't worry guys, I'm fine now. HugEmoticon

I do not know exactly why I named "Huskley953" as my username, but in September of 2017 I had an idea to create a character, who is a Siberian Husky and is called Huskley. By the way, my character name is a derivate of that blue-eyed dog I already mentioned above and it's because I inspired by my username.

In this section you will show some drawings I've done over of the years. This time I selected the best ones! If you want more of them, check out my File list (by the way, the emojis and stamps were not made by me; I caught them of DeviantArt.

  • Arik the Sergal (Inactive): One of most awesome people I've meet here and we keep having contact in other websites.
  • Loygansono55 (Chat Moderator): One of most awesome people I've meet here. Unfortunaly I never seen him here again since the Live Chat was disabled.
  • Naquib (Inactive): Naquib is a cool friend. The last time I talked to him was in December 2018 in this thread.
  • Angelinatheballerinapup (Inactive): She was very friendly and very christian. I used to call her "Angel" because it was a affectionate nickname. Without mentioning that she helped me in last year, praying for me when I was feeling depressed and anxious.
  • Hong young (Inactive): She was one of few Brazilian users I have meet and keep contact with, before I left here for eight months and she never 'raised' here again.
  • AurérioLúcifer (Inactive): Aurélio was one of the few Brazilian I have meet and keep contact with, but unfortunaly he is inactive too.
  • Noreplyz: Cool friend and a very helpful staff. I say this because he helped me two years ago when I wanted to change a picture name and because he blocked some trolls that was harassing me and my friends in the last year.
  • Poedameron146 (Inactive): I never seen her here again since May 2018, but I consider her was a great friend.
  • Janissa (Inactive): Cool and very lovely person, althrough we barely talked eachother.
  • Andrewthadominator (Inactive): Cool friend, althrough we barely talked eachother.</div></div></div>

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