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  • I live in New York
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Male

Hi, my name is Hotspot and I'm a fan of Video Games, Anime, Art and Nature. My favorite games are Suikoden (Series), Kya Dark Lineage and Chrono Cross. My favorite weapon in video games and anime is a Boomerang, thanks to my favorite character of all time, Millie.

I was a big time wikipedia and wiki editor back in 2006-2007... when I was 16-17.. although I was a moron who couldn't spell, use proper grammar or punctuation.. (Although, I'm still not perfect with punctuation, but I'd say I'm much better. I was also one of those people who would use Your and You're wrong.. *Shudders*)

But now I'm back! I forgot what happened, but a month ago I stumbled upon the Suikoden Wiki and made an edit, I then found out about this cool new add on called "Badges".. where you get points for making edits on certain articles and the like.. so I was like.. I need to go on more! And not just because I want lot's of points...XD There's definitely lot's to do.. and then I realized.. I should go back to the wiki I made, for the game Kya Dark Lineage. It's in bad shape, it hadn't been edited since like 2010.. and it could use a make over, but unfortunately, I can't ask Ru-Paul for help. I want to make it look nice, and much like other wiki's and I need to fix many things about it..

I also made the Grim Grimoire wiki, but I haven't played it since 2007.. so I kind of can't edit it anymore, unless I play it again, as I remember very little. I only made it because I was like.. OMG There isn't one, let's make one! :D But, In my opinion (Now) have to be really dedicated with the topic, if you're going to be the creator of the wiki...otherwise you'll abandon it! I've seen it on other places too. Like the yaoi wiki (Listed below). A non popular series can have an amazing wiki, you just need a dedicated person to do the job! That's what want to do for the Kya wiki; no one knows about it, but I can help it even more now.. especially since I don't talk like a 7 year old anymore... XD

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