• I live in Tula
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is editor, ideagenerator
  • I am male
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Русский язык для данного участника является родным.
This user has a basic level of English.
  • well, on this wiki (when I have time) I "absorb the wisdom" of other wiki "participants" by reading their blogs.
  • also sometimes ask important questions in the chat
  • my main wiki : Дружба - это чудо (My little pony)
  • my avatar - is cute young hedgehog
  • no, I'm not silly 10 year old fairy, but 20+ old pretty rude man

Who cares more info about person (more profiles)

Profiles list

  • My little ponyУчастник:Hedgeg (main) (empty) (merging deal to Egon Eagle)

  • WarframeУчастник:Hedgeg (main) (wiki policy)

  • Central (ru)Участник:Hedgeg

  • ВиВикиУчастник:Hedgeg

  • Dont StarveУчастник:Hedgeg

(here i first remove placeholder with mlp logo)

Wikis list

Sigenax wiki, Аватар вики, Shingekinokyojin вики, Mass Effect Wiki (ru), Language Brigade Wiki, Don't Starve вики, 7 Days to Die вики, Викии вики, ?


Interesting blogs/lists/comments

"I helped out alot at the Community Central Forum, but Wikia staff made me feel like I was just doing free tech support for them and they were very unappreciative. You'll notice alot more questions there go unanswered. I suspect other helpers feel the same way I do." (sourse)




Innovations (sort of)

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