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Me with Oscar the Grouch

Me with me hero: OSCAR THE GROUCH.

Hi, I'm T.J. but you can call me Teej; many people do. I'm a great swimmer, artist & cook & I can imitate the voices of cartoons & real people incredibly well. I've been able to for, about, most of me life. I'm extremely proud of this talent. GREEN is me favorite color in the world. I also LOVE the GROUCHES from SESAME STREET, me favorite TV show. I LOVE TRASH as much as they do. I even celebrate National GROUCH Day like the GROUCHES every single October 15th. OSCAR THE GROUCH & his girlfriend GRUNDGETTA, always have been & always shall be me favorite GROUCHES in the world. Also, if I could I would totally live in a dirty beat up old TRASH CAN. My true specialty is gettin' rid of redirects w/ the | button. I've gotten rid of many redirects with the | key on many other Wikis also. I'm also an active administrator & bureaucrat over on the GROUCHES Wiki. So if anybody ever has a question about that or anything else at any given time , well then please feel free to just leave a message in me TRASH CAN & I'll respond A.S.A.I.C (as soon as I can).

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Oscar & Grundgetta 1


GROUCHMan is 1 of the meanest, GROUCHiest, most unpleasant, rottenest GROUCHES around. His birth name is OSCAR THE GROUCH II named after his Uncle, that true rotten legend, OSCAR THE GROUCH of SESAME STREET. OSCAR & his identical twin brother TRAVIS THE GROUCH were both extremely popular at GROUCH school. He soon became better known as GROUCHMan at school, but he became SCAR THE GROUCH after receiving a scar across his left eye after a tragic GROUCH petting zoo accident. He mostly goes by SCAR, but, he's still occasionally called GROUCHMan nevertheless. At school, SCAR also met a GROUCH girl who was actually equally GROUCHYwhose name was GRUNDGETTA, another EXTREMELY popular student at GROUCH school. She became GROUCHGal shortly after that. TRAVIS, soon after, met her identical twin sister TOXICA who was & to this day is just as GROUCHY as her sister. Not too long after they graduated SCAR & GRUNGIE became GROUCH boyfriend & girlfriend, as did their siblings. They call each other Oskie & GRUNGIE, but GRUNGIE still goes by GROUCHGal nowadays. Their lives together were all going completely rotten, as the arguments that they had each day constantly increased. However, not too long after graduation, SCAR & TRAVIS' parents, OSWALDO THE GROUCH & TRASHY THE GROUCH, the brother of OSCAR & sister of OSCAR's girlfriend, GRUNDGETTA were killed in a terrible car accident. Right after that, both SCAR & TRAVIS immediately moved into their Uncle OSCAR's TRASH CAN on SESAME Street. Also, now their Aunt GRUNDGETTA helps OSCAR protect & take care of their nephews. Now, all SCAR, GRUNGIE, TRAVIS & TOXICA do all day is tell other people to scram & argue.

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