• I live in The populated area of Ontario, Canada
  • My occupation is Game Designer
  • I am Shy Guy

Hello everybody! It's me, the native to the Game Ideas wiki. (Also part of the Epic Saga wiki, the VGI wiki, the sketch pad wiki, the Discussion wiki, the game reviews wiki, the Mario wiki, the made-up Mario wiki, the Nitrome wiki, and a couple others that I made my mark once and then left.) I... mainly work at the Game Ideas wiki as an admin. Awesomely, over the three years of being there, we are the largest game idea fanon wiki on Wikia. :D

So, while none of you probably care about my presence here, I figured it can't hurt to put of a notice. While I would love to have more people join the Game Ideas Wiki, I realize it's not everyone's cup of tea. However, I created the Discussion wiki with everyone in mind. I wanted a place similar to a social media site where members of Wikia could converse freely about pretty much any topic they are interested in. Where at a big wiki like this one, users may be wary of starting conversations with random people, the discussion wiki is an opt-in location where everyone present likes to talk. Put some topics of interest on your user page, and you can begin discussions. The unique mix of chat, forums, blogs, message walls, articles, and article comments allow for all forms of communication with anyone else who is on the wiki. Right now, no one is on it, but if you have been looking for people just to talk to, this might be the place for you.

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