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Gameplay and goals:[]

Genesis is a 3D Chronological MMORPG fully controlled by players developed with HeroEngine. Each of them will be in charge of populating 4 planets and to make crucial choices for the good of their civilization. Each have its own civilization. Players enter a completely new world, created by gods, they are the first people of their kind.

One of the biggest thing on Genesis, is the fact that there's no combat in the game, and that XP is earned in another way than fighting, but with interacting with the world and helping his planet to evolve. With a really deep system of social classes your choices might lead you to be a leader, a king or even the god of your planet.

Interaction with environment:[]

THIS, is the most unique system in MMORPGs that Genesis proposes!!

Taken from Point&clicks, this system is the possibility of interacting straight with objects from the world, combining objects, have informations on everything by right-clicking on objects and chose between "Information", "Use" or "Pick". In you inventory it work the same but with a "Use with" function, allowing the player to use this object and combine it with other, just like in Point&Click adventure games!

To give you an example of what it is gonna be possible to do in the game: A group of people plan to kill the king of their planet and prepare a poison. One spy goes inside the castle and enters the royal kitchen a find an empty cup. This player opens his inventory, right click on the poison and select "use with", and this object becomes his cursor, now he just have to click on the cup, and the cup is now poisoned. Thus, if this cup is used by the king, the king dies.

However that kind of illegal activities are really dangerous for the killers who can be condemned to death if the are caught.

So this is a really important thing to remember for you, because all the environment have to be coherent with that system!

Time in Genesis:[]

Everything in the game is based on a pre-written scenario. At the moment the first player enter the planet, this whole scenario starts.

One day in real life equals to one year in game. Thus, players are gonna see the whole evolution of a planet from its birth to its end, witnessing huge events that will change their world.

Day and night cycles don’t follow the game time, they run in real time. All the planets have the same time.

Just as Civilization proposed Technologies developed after a certain amount of turns, Genesis proposes evolution developed after a certain amount of time. The principles have a lot of similarities with Civilization's, including basic evolutions such as Fire to extremely advanced, such as Ionic propulsion.

Just like evolutions, they are technologies, but the difference is that they are more important and are deep changes in a civilization. Revolutions needs certain evolutions to be unlocked.

Voice intensity control:[]

The voice intensity control is a gauge that allows players to control their character's voice intensity when they speak. This gauge has 5 main levels: Whisper, Soft talk, normal talk, Loud talk, Shout.

A white circle is drawn on the ground around the character from 1 meter to 30 meters diameter symbolizing the zone that covers your voice (Earshot zone), that determinate who is gonna hear you speaking. Levels are scales:

0m to 1m: Whisper.
1m to 2m: Soft talk.
2m to 5m: Normal talk.
5m to 15m: Loud talk.
15m to 30m: Shout.

Thus, the gauge can be adjusted as your wish. You can choose the exact radius by clicking and scrolling (or just clicking) the Voice intensity control gauge and see the circle growing around your character. The advantage of this system is that it avoid the creation of whisper, map, world, team channels.

Lands of Genesis:[]

Genesis, even if it is based on social interaction, is full of action and adventure of a kind you haven't ever seen in an MMORPG! Even if having a job in a game and having a social life in Genesis is really exciting (by far the BEST for Role Playing lovers), the game is full of quests that are full adventures. Imagine a Point&Click adventure game, add Genesis' universe, epic and dangerous journeys full of cooperative puzzles, add the multiplayer aspect, then you'll have a small idea of what Genesis is gonna propose to players.

Imagine a giant labyrinth, with 5 different paths, and 5 different puzzle rooms that have to be done simultaneously. 5 players of a group take their own path, collecting objects on their way, resolving multiple puzzles by mixing these objects. Then imagine using this Voice intensity control system (above) in that case to communicate with other players that might be in another room not too far from you. You are oblige to shout to be heard by them, then you activate your puzzles at the same time.

Health Gauges:[]

At the scale of a player, living in the world means a lot of possibilities for him to bring his part of help, and interact with his planet and his people. A system of health gauges will rhythm players' life. Slightly comparable to Sims' system, these gauges describe the shape of a player's character.

There are 7 health gauges: Hunger, Thirst, Temperature, Social, Knowledge, Endurance, Mood. Each of them have influence between each others and players have to work to maintain them in a good shape. These health gauges will have a considerable impact on the way a character can interact with other players and his world.

Putting warm clothes will rise your temperature gauge, eating, drinking, sleeping after the others...

Interaction between players:[]

A system of relationship between players has been made to encourage people to play with eachothers. Players are interacting with words and emotes and each emote, just as competences in other MMORPGs propose, have effects, they can affect a target's health gauge, or just have a good impact in your relationship with the target. Everything has been made to make everything logical.

A completely innovative system we worked on is interactions with NPCs in Genesis. You don't click on an NPC to start a conversation, but you use your emotes to interact with him. This system make possible the possibility of forging a relationship with NPCs!

Social Classes:[]

This system allow players to grow socially, by earning Influence with their actions, they can unlock new social classes and have advantages. Social Classes make players have access to a large panel of jobs allowing them to earn money.

A player can be whoever he wants in the society, from a merchant to a king (leader)

Leadership system:[]

The role of a leader of a planet is embodied by only one player elected with a well thought monthly voting system.

The leader have the control of all the economy, evolution research and City expansion. He is the one who expands his kingdome physically by building new buildings.

The building system is a whole interface highly comparable to Anno's. The terrain is organized by square and buildings cost money, the leader is free to place buildings wherever he wants.

Death in Genesis:[]

Players can die in the game even if it is made to be rare. We wanted death to be a really big thing and not a punishment, as important as it is in our world. When you die you are definitely out of your planet and born again on the 5th planet cold: God's planet.

On this planet is exactly the same system then on other planets, except that you are a divinity, with new social classes and you have the possibility of becoming the god of your planet just with the voting system used on planets to elect leaders.

God control several parameters of the planet he is the god of and have a big impact on players to. Thus once you die, a new life starts, a sort of gigantic "black and white".

Normal actions:[]




Game Basics:

Running the game:[]

  • Controls ; User Interface ; Galaxy

Character creation:[]

  • Civilization ; Biography


  • Social classes ; Emotes ; Influence ; NPCs ; Character Titles


  • Jobs ; Quests ; Missions ; Guilds ; RP