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To continue, you'll have to crack this lock.
Don't worry, I've left clues around for you to break it without, well, going through the 32768 possible answers.
Hint: It is linked with a word, and I like secret things.

Wow, you got the code...
Say, did you crack the code or did you find the clues I left?
If you cracked it, then respect to you.


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Hi, I am Gdbbsjxk. I am Founder of BGS Community Content Wiki. If you need help in any wiki i have roles in or something else, feel free to ask questions or leave comments in my Message Wall and I will answer all of them as soon as I can!

This is my prison
~ Gdbbsjxk

About Me

I am mostly active on BGS Community Content Wiki. I have roles on other wikis such as Roblox Break In Wiki, Pet Ranch Simulator 2 Wiki, and Geometry Dash Fan Ideas Wiki other accounts i have is a Roblox Account and a Scratch Account both of them with the username gdbbsjxk.

09232C39-3295-4CB5-A10F-A0A0B31A1603.jpeg gdbbsjxk  Roblox O.png Gdbbsjxk

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  • Hi. I am BGS MasterX’s CSS account. Hope you do well. UnknownScriptErrorX521 | UMGE 9:25PM, November 13, 2020 AEST  
  • Hello, I guess? Hi, I'm Sky! I honestly think I just wanted to click something...
  • "A hobbit hole" - Rainbowtoolshed
  • Hi, I'm Headquarter8302! A nosy human being with issues regarding fixing yada-yada tech stuff!
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hai ur pog

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