• I live in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • My occupation is being a kid, being a student, training at Camp Half-Blood to become a great demigod, king of kindergarten (but somehow they hate me), and being a sidekick of Batman
  • I am a demigod
This ghost shall keep on singing! You know you love Fusion. You know you care! Just shout "Oh Fusion!" and Fusion will be there!

Welcome to my User Page!

Hello, Wikians!Edit

Hello. Welcome to my profile. My name is FusionFall123, nice to meet you.

About MeEdit

I am ranked 6 and 4 (3rd grade-4th grade) and then ranked 17.

My first wikia was Ben 10 wikia, but the wikia I signed up to was FusionFall wikia. I am also in MMORPG and mystery forums (beanfun!, Wizard 101, FusionFall, etc).

I am currently trying to make tips to help people (Yes! Helpfulness!).

I don't get angry at people who have bad grammar. I was once like them, but look at me now. We should try and help them or give consideration.


When bored, I day dream or I skip to other things... not ADHD.

I also like to prank people. You can see me anger... 15... 16 million wikian users.

I am also afraid of the dark... what?

What I HateEdit

Here is the list...

  • Barbercuts
  • Short Hair (For me)
  • Itchy Hair (For me)
  • Abviously something about my hair...

My favourite stuffEdit

Well, I am interested in mythology like Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology. I also collect... toys. Yeah. Like every normal kid.

I collect kids magazines, too. Most of them are from UK and Australia.

I love magic tricks. I know some tricks like... um... the buisness card... yeah. I'm also saving up for that teleporting light-up ball.

I'm also interested in floating objects... yeah, that's weird.

Lemme' Tell You Something...Edit

I join many social sites to connect to people. Bring peace :D

On the way, I made friends from Latviera, America, Asia, Austalia, and Pensyllvania. Yeah. Bring on the peace!

Well, of course, making friends means making enemies.

I made atleast 17 or 18 countries hate me :P


What? You think I don't have books? Well, you're wrong!

I currently have 2 Percy Jackson books. I really wanted to buy more, but I also need some free-book-time, you know.

Why Is My Name FusionFall123?Edit

Well, I was going for "Fusion123" but after I was thinking about it, I chose "FusionFall123" because I played an MMORPG called "FusionFall". My other username(s) is/are "FFall123" and "FF123". Don't worry, I don't use FusionFall123 as a username only. I also have an opposite username, "LightDark123".

My Signature(s)Edit


FusionFall123 is epic!

The great and epic FusionFall123

FusionFall123. Here, there, EVERYWHERE

FusionFall123. Talk to me. Don't steal the name

FusionFall123 Talk to me. Beware of ShmusionShmall123

FIUOSN Talk to me 16:15, November 17, 2011 (UTC)


I CreatedEdit

New! Connect a Wiki- A place where you could connect and make your wiki become recognized.

I JoinedEdit

Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki- Ben 10 Fans unite!

Ben 10 Wiki- Tons of good ol' news right here all about Ben 10!

FusionFall wiki -The place that I started everything.

Adventure Time wiki- A place full of comedy and humour.

Needs help! Chowder Wiki - Funny wiki. It also makes me hungry!

Needs help! Hero 108 wiki- First squad, go!

Camp Half-Blood Roleplay- I'm the son of Hermes. Prankster and stealer. Also the god of messages, but I don't wanna be a mailman.

Camp Half-Blood wiki- I. LOVE. DEMIGODS.

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