aka The boss

  • I live in the recesses of my own mind
  • My occupation is second to my hobbies
  • I am a jerk in general

Hello everyone, welcome to my profile. God knows why you're here, but welcome.

I've been on wikia for a while, but recently really got into it, what with being promoted to an admin on the Slenderman Wiki. I enjoy my time on wiki's. I tend to spend my time in chat's, but love doing maintenance.

I'm an anime junkie, movie junkie, gaming junkie, and have a significant other that loves it just as much as I, and we both love working on wiki's. I'm not just saying that either, there's just something incredibly entertaining about adding information to stuff like that. Furthermore, I'm 25 years old, and preparing to finish a Pre-Law bachelors degree.

Anyhoo, enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by, and leave me a message if you want.

If you were looking for a different profile than this one, head on over to Central Station. (Warning: music).

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