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Hi, this is FloweyWick999, and I have Aspergers. :)

I am a big fan of Deltarune and Undertale, but I may like those two games too much. I am getting into some of the Undertale AUs too. :)

I sure hope someone will come help and edit on some of these Wikis:

I am the Founder of the Dungeons and Daddies Wiki:

I also adopted the other Dungeons and Daddies Wiki:

I will be leaving soon though, and I don't have a replacement Admin yet, but I have a candidate.

I need help maintaining the Origami Yoda Wiki, I need help and I want someone to take over and make things better on that wiki. Will someone help me?

I have bad anger issues, mood swings, and I really want equality. My short temper has gotten me into some bad situations, but I will do my best to be calmer.

I am currently a Bureaucrat and Admin on the Warriortale Wiki:

I am pretty weird and I eat cabbage. :)

Me on Reddit:

If you have vandalism and spam problems on a wiki you love, that has no active Admins, then contacting the Volunteer Spam Task Force will help with your problems:

Another great wiki is the Numberlemon Wiki.

Funny video:

I really like categorizing articles. :)

I really don't like it when people are overly judgmental about others just because of a few mistakes.

I can get stressed pretty easily. :(

I like to be friendly, and I usually type faces to portray how I feel. :)

I am also open to any advice to how to be a better Admin, on the wikis I am on. :)

I really like it when people say please, to me it really is a Magic Word. :)

Please enjoy your time. :)

Undertale Note: I personally love Alphys, and no one can convince me to not love her. :)

My best friend is Chara. :D

Note: I may not come here too often, and I may leave Community Central entirely.

I am not the best person in the world and I have internal struggles, so if you want help please ask someone more knowledgeable and helpful, sorry. I also have a lot of things to do (in real life and on the internet), sorry again. Please remember to have fun.

Important Note: I will close this account sometime tomorrow.