Some words about me.

Private Edit

Born 1976 (makes me thirty in summer of 2006), I'm living in Germany. You can call me Florian or Flo if you want! :-) I found wikis some time ago, the first wiki was an internal wiki we used at work to have a common documentation, which is a basic intention for wikis. Later on I came to wikipedia, which I just use for "read-only" purpose. I even tried to spread the idea of an open encyclopedia but it's unbelievable how many prejudices might exist concerning open, free and comprehensive encyclopediae.

Professional Edit

Now I'm working as a software developer (JAVA) in Germany. You can try asking me about databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, mySQL) and PHP as well if you want.

Hobby Edit

One of my hobbies is Star Trek, so I joined Memory Alpha in May 2004 and opened a german spin-off which is running quite well at the time.

Contact Edit

Feel free to drop me a mail or write me some lines on my talk page at Memory Alpha or here.

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