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Once, I was a reader of wikis (before I knew that Fandom's were different). Then I became a rank and file wiki user, and before I knew it I was an admin at American Horror Story Wiki. I was invited to Fandom's (at the time, Wikia's) San Francisco headquarters for the admin summit Community Connect 2015, and worked with some great friends to revitalize what became Portability Hub in collaboration with staff.

I am a former member of Fandom's Community Development (and before that: Community Technical, Exploration & Innovation, and Editor Experience) team. Fandom believes that all our visitors and contributors have something to contribute, and partners with those at all skill levels to guide them to an engaging and rewarding experience on their communities. My personal mission is to bring to you the best practices and analysis to help you make informed decisions; that way, you can help your communities to grow and be successful.

Additionally, I have worked with wiki communities to help them achieve "portability", which is Fandom's effort to make everything accessible on any platform. From traditional desktop and mobile to emerging devices like smartwatches and holograms (and even other websites), portability is the a big thing for Fandom (and any fandom).


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According to my dog, I am a creature of unimaginable grace and wisdom, and very nearly beyond his comprehension. He is, as we say in the writing trade, an "unreliable narrator". However, when I'm not doing my day job (professional assassin) or my night job (crimefighting vigilante), my hive mind drones insist that I contribute to FANDOM. In my benevolence, I accede to the hive's wishes. Maybe my dog has a point.