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  • Bio A regular in 2015-2016, now mostly inactive but I come and visit every once in a while. Cubes are cool.
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Hi, I'm Iva (formerly Harrypottercatlover). I was an active user on Wikia (or FANDOM as it is now called) about two years ago, editing under this account and another one. This site changed that time in so many ways, and continues to influence me to this day.

I'm slowly returning to Wikia- but as a different kind of user. My main focus right now is CVN. I aim to assist local admins in reporting and reverting vandalism and spam. In the near future, I plan to help several CVN acquaintances with their long-term goal of destroying old spam left all over the network. Please don't ask me about becoming a VSTF member. First of all, I've never been a VSTF, and secondly, becoming one isn't my goal (I'm too busy IRL to be fully dedicated to this, much as I enjoy it). Do report vandalism and spam to the group if you find it, using those links!

I am the inactive bureaucrat of Slated Wiki and Perfected Wiki. I don't think many of you have read those series, but feel free to leave a relevant message on those message walls!

Let me make it clear that I'm NOT the right person to come to for JS/CSS help- post on the technical forum for that. Yes, I have some handy scripts that help me revert vandalism/spam in my global.js, but all of that is thanks to two helpful users who were kind enough to explain it to me.

Feel free to message me with non-programming inquiries, however, as long as they aren't personal questions! And sign my guestbook please!

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