"A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice." — Bill Cosby
Hey, I'm Evanf. I began editing on Wikia in December of 2009. This is my global user page. If this is not Community Central, it's likely that I was just here to undo vandalism or do some minor tidying. I may not be a consistent contributor to this wiki.
What can I be found doing on Wikia? I am usually helping edit small wikis, and TV show wikis that are upcoming, my home wiki is the Clone Wars Wiki. You may find me on Community Central chat once in blue moon, and if you need any help, I will help you when I can, just message me. My main wikis I edit at are: Comunity Central, Clone Wars Wiki, or any other wiki I have an interest in. I am usually seen commenting on new Wikia Features blogs, or blogs around Central.
Helpful links: VSTF Wiki, Help Wiki, Admin Tools Wiki, Dev Wiki, and Contact Wikia
Contact me: Talk page / message wall on this wiki, or at Community Central.v c

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