A girl named Destiny Dorress Nelson grew up in a hood of East Baltimore City. One of the top ten dangerous cities in America.(United states) Destiny Nelson (born November 7,1997) called Destiny Dae'lyn female futuristic actress/Rapper from Eastside Baltimore City. Destiny Dae'lyn is a African-American, Native,and Indonesian descent. She have lived in a trouble horrifying enviorment, to molestation, to killing, to death, to drugs, to fights, an ect. Destiny use to go to school on North Avenue before latrobe homes, and she use to go to school off of Sinclair Lane. Alot of people call her Deezy, Daelyn ,Desy ,Des, Dasheeki, and to Nelson. Destiny got her deal to a rap group at age 11, but she denied because she wasn't ready yet and there was too much problems going on in the family. So later on in the week Destiny got a call from ????????(insider) saying that parilment wanted her in a movie, but surprising she wrote a script turned it in and later on her aunt died, so she had to go to the funeral down South Carolina so she missed the scene. A movie Destiny was starred in was meet the Spartans or Disaster movie. A histarical film, amazingling she was one of the people crossing the street. Destiny Dae'lyn 22:14, June 27, 2011 (UTC)Disheeki

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